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Oh My God, That Man Is On Fire!

October 15th, 2017

Blast! I never ever doubted the raw talent.

Eminem? I am not an American. Still I’m worried and yes I do feel the pain.

Give me a f***ing break. Will you not? The man is on fire!

Now? Now? rinse.fm… Africa? Afrobeats. Globalism? Do you really understand what it entails? Nostalgia may be a way to control it?

That what you know? The “familiar”? I think I finally may understand why I am an incurable nostalgic. Simple, I can understand that which I know.

That is music that you will never hear. In a context that will be unknown forever. Overload. Mm, there’s “overstretch” and “overstay”. I forgot about “overload”…

“Neptizzle with Mystro” It is rinse.fm again… it’s just too much. No, I can’t keep up… “Reality” No, I can’t handle it. Jävla UK eg London! Please, please claim the republic!

The broken English? Mixed like that? It’s… I can’t… It is f***ing unbelievable. It is an interpretation of something that does not exist. The “West-world”, an interpretation of commercials becoming “reality”.

“Light me up!” (Africanism. The true origin of le tam-tam…).

Let the fire burn ever so brightly! Forever.

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