A Sharp Tool

I’m always a bit scared when ever using a box-cutter. I’ve seen (felt) a very long scar (not mine) in the palm of the hand, because if you slip while using a new/sharp blade? I’ve cut straight through a concrete floor with ease. Serious, ridiculous sharp steel tools. I missed (a little) and then I… Continue reading A Sharp Tool

The Title Alone?

WELTMACHT DIGITAL and for the record I don’t even speak German? I have no comment. I do believe that I know the ones I call my friends and there’s no way… they’ll know who they be… I have no comment. Weltmacht Digital – Grossmachtphantasie – A.Rother – 2021 IAnd apparently I’m unfriendly? Behaving badly towards… Continue reading The Title Alone?

It Is Jaques And She Simply Doesn’t Know?

As hard as they ever come. It must be among the roughest centre label’s ever, surely? It’s as rude as it is brilliant! No joke business. Wut?! The love? It is eternal! I know… I know for a fact that the mighty A.Rother has heard/listen to Jaques Lueder… I know that he must know Cutting… Continue reading It Is Jaques And She Simply Doesn’t Know?

Pretend It Doesn’t Matter

Good Luck with all of that. I am just saying what I have always been saying. This is what matters: Crushed. Period. (.). That is the culture. Bass culture. That’s 2 (two) bagged and in the bag for you and me. 2021 is going to be a stellar year! Like any other, trust me. –… Continue reading Pretend It Doesn’t Matter

Oj Oj, [Oi Oi], Nu Är Det Kört För Oss!

Mmm, Cause & Effect nu är det ta mig fan kört för oss… det är slutstationen för oss. – Jo, ja men vi skulle ju av här? – Nja, jag tror inte det. Lyssnat ett tag. Silicon Scally Cause & Effect? Rätt säker. Kört för oss och så. Slipper inte undan den här gången. Ingen… Continue reading Oj Oj, [Oi Oi], Nu Är Det Kört För Oss!