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Deadbeat, Drawn and Quartered [BLKRTZ – BLKRTZ001, 2011]

August 5th, 2011 Comments off

‘Drawn and Quartered’ sees Deadbeat returning in form on his newly started BLKTRZ label.

The four-track album is packed with e-dub of the highest order and the production techniques are perfected. The tracks are all generously stretched to the 10 minute marker and beyond.

Like I’ve said many times in the past, some like it and some don’t. I think it’s simply masterful!

Plakto, The Ninth Snail [El-Ljud – ELJD010, 2007]

August 5th, 2011 Comments off

The Swedish based net label El-Ljud tenth release was Plakto’s ‘The Ninth Snail’ and it preceded the excellent thirteenth release ‘Soul’d Out’ by the same artist.

The categorisation is solid E-dub, excellent production and plenty of bass to go around. The 8 tracks on ‘The Ninth Snail’ are a treat and there’s enough complexity for a truly enjoyable and recurring listen. Did I mention the ample amounts of bass, fused with the exact amount of glitch and echo?

‘The Ninth Snail’ starts off exactly like described above; ‘Western Flab’ has a hypnotic bassline and excellent melody. In short a great track. ‘Misplaced Mom’ and ‘The Reset Chair’ are somewhat dubbier in nature, in the classical sense; ‘Artificial Cherry’ is short but sweet, whereas ‘Hypnotoad’ and ‘Satanic Cat Standard’ combine the bass content with some definite techno treatment. To summarise the 8 tracks on ‘The Ninth Snail’ all leave you feeling warm inside and wanting to play them again.

It is an excellent album and the workmanship of a truly talented producer. ‘The Ninth Snail’ and 13 other interesting releases are available as download on the El-Ljud website. Get them now!

Atheus, Compile [Silent Season – SSCD09, 2011]

May 3rd, 2011 4 comments

I simply had to write something about Silent Season! A label that is yet another new acquaintance to me, hailing from British Columbia, Canada (and you may think, rightfully; what is the meaning of all these geographical references on

Well, for one thing it may have to do with the fact that is located in Sweden (think extreme northern Europe), or that it was also a recurring theme on Electronic Desert, or that Turkey stands in line to be reviewed, but the hope is that the main reason is to point out the utterly beautiful and global presence of electronic music that is maintained by the first and only global* means of communication; namely the Internet.

And please keep in mind (or realise) that it has not always been and that it may very well be lost forever due to other forces that are in play in this, complex World of ours.

Now, let’s move on to the subject in the centre of this text: Atheus’ wonderful ‘Compile’ album on Silent Season. To establish a reasonable baseline let’s first conclude one thing: it is nothing but excellent! It is filled to the brim with e-dub of the highest order, with forward movement and fused with the right amount of static.

Nevertheless, there’s one track that simply (to my mind) is just a tiny fraction better than all of the rest and destined in becoming a future classic, the majestic ‘Einsatz’. The deep bass, the firm hand-clap, the hi-hat, the timeless atmosphere and the finely tuned tempo (on the upside) makes this track the perfect description of e-dub! This in all aspects close to perfect track actually follows another track entitled ‘Deploy’ that it is almost as good and it doesn’t stop there; consider the last track ‘Unendlich’ and you have a perfectly combined e-dub triptych.

If you’re remotely interested in electronic music or more precisely in e-dub (according to’s definition: found and nurtured in Berlin, Germany), you should investigate this album and label and if you happen to like e-dub, then I suggest you get this album right now without hesitating. ‘Compile’ is a strong contender for album of the year, without question (not that I’ve ever actually succeeded in choosing just one album, but never mind that).

In likeness with so many other newly produced albums it’s like an electronic decoctation which has slowly been trickling down through layers of layers of ever-improving hardware and finally after all these years, are meeting the expectations of my ears harshly tutored in the era of lo-fi hissing C-90 music cassettes.

*You may belong to the part of the World that lack electricity, computers, Internet connections or may be occupied with more pressing matters, like basic survival for example, you may or not be living in the so called developing World and if that is indeed the case, you may not share these sentiments of Internet's contributions to mankind, however, nomatter where you live, please consider letting art lead the way., Randomicon [FlatMate Music – FLT002, 2011]

April 30th, 2011 Comments off

Largely based around self-manufactured modular synthesizers the fourth album release sees the light of day or is it the darker inner workings of an ancient machine? Minimal, experimental in nature and decidedly techno ‘Randomicon’ is the second release on newly started Barcelona based FlatMate Music label.

In the spirit of randomness (which is supposedly harder to create than one would maybe first be tempted to assume, mathematical randomness that is) this 500 piece CD-release will feature as many different digipak covers (500 unique covers). All based on a combination of characters found in the original album title and artist name; a very nice touch if I may say so.

‘Randomicon’ contains 11 tracks of well-produced and stripped-down techno music. A rough selection would have to include the up-tempo, chopped and menacing ‘Equation for U’, the very electro including subtle yet effective distortion on ‘Rotating Solutions’ and the nervousness of ‘Gamma Repeater’.

Grab your physical copy right now from Straight Distribution or wait until 2011-05-06 for the global digital download release available via dig dis!.

Plakto, Soul’d Out [El-Ljud – ELJD013, 2010]

April 30th, 2011 Comments off

Plakto’s ‘Soul’d Out’ is the thirteenth release on the until recently completely unknown (to me that is) Swedish net label El-Ljud. They already have some 14 releases to their credit so I for one have obviously missed out on something great. The thirteenth release ‘Soul’d Out’ by Plakto has overall impressive qualities. It is solid E-dub*, excellent production and plenty of bass to go around.

The 8 tracks on ‘Soul’d Out’ are a treat and there’s enough complexity for a truly enjoyable long recurring listen. Did I mention the ample amounts of bass, fused with the exact amount of glitch and echo? The build-up and beats’ handling in ‘Wasted Basket’ or the up-tempo yet dubby ‘Off Course’ are awesome. It is the workmanship of one talented producer and the list just goes on throughout the all the eight tracks of the mini-album. ‘Soul’d Out’ is available as download on the El-Ljud website. The strong recommendation is, to get and play it right now!

And after some more listening to the catalog it is just not possible not to name the rest of the artists’ exquisite releases on the label and if for no other reason so just for the sake of simplicity. And the artists are: Nacho Monetto, Maschinenschlosser, Node, Psonikadia, Foudish, Pliir, Plaktogen, Switchcraft. It’s not impossible that a text or four related to El-Ljud will surface right here in the near future, excellent stuff!

*After re-listening to both El-Ljud 013 and 010 I see myself forced to introduce a genre, new [Sic!] to resurface and that genre would be ‘dubstep’. The reason for this is simply that Soul’d Out is in part just that, a really well executed and highly personal take on the dubstep genre.

Biotron Shelf, Cloud Bands and Arabesques [Boltfish Recordings – BOLTLP012, 2011]

April 30th, 2011 Comments off

‘Biotron Shelf’ is Murray Fisher’s and Wil Bolton’s collaborative project and as any returning reader would surely know Murray Fisher records as Mint and Wil Bolton as Cheju and together they run the record label Boltfish Recordings. The first Biotron Shelf release was ‘33 Minutes North’ on U-Cover’s CDR series in 2006. Two years later they released ‘Transmissions’ (sadly yet resurface-unheard and extremely limited CDR-release on Smallfish Records).

‘Cloud Bands and Arabesques’ is as far as I know this is the first Biotron Shelf release ever on Boltfish (which is kind of funny given they’re the label owners). The production standard of these two electronic musicians is as high as ever. The Biotron Shelf you know and love from ’33 Minutes North’ are very much represented on this release to the novelties you could add the tracks with a more acoustic setting, like the equally lovely ‘The King’s Horses’.

In the 10 tracks on the album they successfully merge their two styles into one unique sounding treat once again. ‘Cloud Bands and Arabesques’ is scheduled for a summer release (JUL2011). More information at: Boltfish Recordings.

Iuengliss, Blank Matter [Plastic Sound Supply – PSS012, 2011]

April 30th, 2011 Comments off

‘Plastic Sound Supply’ is the name of a friendly label hailing from Denver, Colorado in the USA. Although not unknown to me this is still the first release being written about at resurface and I must confess it is due time, because their latest offering is also their twelfth release: Iuengliss’ debut album ‘Blank Matter’.

Lovely offbeat action in fourth runner up ‘Malaysian Caning’ and more of the same; somewhat dirty sounding and nostalgic straight-forward drum machine music in ‘Level Test’, ‘Time’, ‘Death Comes In The Rays’ and last but not least the up-tempo homage to days long lost in ‘Jungbeats’ (makes me smile).

All-in-all I like the playfulness of this album a lot and ‘Malaysian Caning’ and ‘Jungbeats’ are simply put excellent tracks! Preview, download and CD purchase opportunity possible at: Iuengliss Blank Matter . Visit Plastic Sound Supply for more audio and visual delights.

Sabi, Glued on Thin Memories [Boltfish Recordings – BOLTLP009, 2010]

April 30th, 2011 Comments off

A very competent and well-executed album released on the relentless and yet very friendly Boltfish Recordings’ label in 2010.

This 15 track album opens up with a classic take on electronic beats born on the other side of the Atlantic and may not be groundbreaking for 2011. However, the workmanship is most definitely there and it continues on with more lush US references and in a very good form at that.

Track four ‘Screaming Bulb’ is nothing short but excellent, effective; warm yet mildly complex, very nice build-up and nice processed vocal based melody and stretching 10:19 to boot. The Sabi remix of ‘Mano’ is more than good, it brings out the sun and beach in an instant and in all its straightforwardness it is simply put a beautiful piece of music.

I don’t know much about who Sabi is, however the talent is obvious and so is the display of knowledge of the output of contemporary electronic music the past decade or so. Not excluding Boltfish and the nearby musical surroundings, the reason for making that comment is that there are more than one or two unmistakable influences in there, it is a very well executed album nevertheless.

For more information please visit: Boltfish Recordings.

Soutien Gorge, Bolida/Hó [Boltfish Recordings – BOLTDIGI018, 2011]

March 29th, 2011 Comments off

Soutien Gorge of Bitlab Records’ fame returns to Boltfish Recordings with another two-track treat of warm and in all aspects cuddly electronic music (JAN 2011).

The ‘Bolida/Hó’ is their third release on Boltfish following the ‘Vízállásjelentés’ 2007 and ‘Szerelmes Nóta/Délutániád’ 2008 releases. Not as friendly as their 2008 release ‘Szerelmes Nóta/Délutániád’, but comparing with a lot of the rest of the down-tempo stuff these days (2011) it’s still a genuinely warm and cuddly experience.

And you get two tracks of well produced warm lush electronic music and the only major question really, is what-ever happened to the ultra-sweet characters appearing on Soutien Gorge’s debut ‘Persze Remixes’ on Bitlab Records dating from 2005? I do hope the little ones are doing alright, in this cold, cold World!

aAirial, Together EP, [Imaginary Nonexistent Records – INR016CDR, 2011]

March 29th, 2011 Comments off

‘Together EP’ is aAirial’s debut release on Imaginary Nonexistent Records. The previous output includes “Le fil du temps” and “Incoercible” on the net labels Laridae respectively Breathe, not forgetting his contribution to the ‘Intelligent Toys 6’ compilation on Lithuania’s Sutemos label. The ‘Together EP’ is comprised by six delicate tracks filled with largely piano based ambient bass rich lushness.

In complete and utter unfairness to the rest of the tracks I’m going to single out ‘Like a Summer Evening…’ and ‘Piano Impro #2’ as my favourites, the first because of it’s solitary piano, imposing warm strings and possibly its title, since the snow is currently falling… the second for the same reason as the firstly named quality of the first to be singled out.

This EP as a whole has some definite cinematic qualities; it’s deeply melancholic and indeed exceedingly beautiful, music that is thoroughly enjoyable. In short aAirial adds another fine release to the Imaginary Nonexistent Records catalogue. Download or CDR is available at the inrecs website.