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[guÿôm], Cacelorazo [Ego Twister – ETW007, 2006]

April 6th, 2007 Comments off

egotwister_cacelorazoEgo Twister is a French label and some time ago they released the debut album by an artist called [guÿôm]. His punk rock background wouldn’t necessarily be a relevant factor, but given his production I think it is. It’s a high paced frenzy of samples and sampled beats all more or less distorted. Apparently [guÿôm] has been performing live for quite some time while being a part of the “LeCollectif17ans” collective and his album do have many of the characteristics of live performed sampled electronics. The pace and aggression level is high, but the humour is present and is audible. That being said it is all a bit too much tongue in cheek for my personal taste. However, musical originality and individuality should be commended, [guÿôm] and Ego Twister definitely has a lot of both.

Greetings From Tuskan, Lullabies For The Warriors [IWARI – USR10 CD, 2006]

October 18th, 2006 Comments off

tuskanAs excellent as it is an accomplished full-length album release by Greetings From Tuskan on IWARI a label that was previously completely unknown to me. However the artist in question was not, because GFT has close connections to the Belgium label/event organiser plexiphonic spearheaded by visual artist Ewo. Plexiphonic’s second release was Loden’s “Valeen Hope” a split release with Eat This Records. And GTF’s debut release “Greetings From Tuskan EP” was made on the same label in 2005 on the handy MP3/FLAC format. There is much to be said about this release: but let it be said here and now that it’s nothing but excellent. Sure the references are many and at times somewhat obvious and yes the album is laden with vocals or rather processed such, nevertheless or possible because of that it’s pure bliss. There’s a quality to it all that is undeniably there, fused with clever trickery, the occasional pop elements, majestic warmth, lovely melodies and a heavy dose of melancholy. I think it safe to say that Greetings From Tuskan is destined for great things and the only thing that may stand in the way is the pure quality if the music. Investigate this release immediately and do it sooner rather than later and you too can make a discovery!

Platform, 1 [Minimal Resource Manipulation – MRMCDR01, 2006]

October 18th, 2006 Comments off

platform_1_mrmcdr01Platform is Matt Atkins and this is his self- and/or untitled full-length album. As many electronic musicians before him, he’s decided to take matters into his own hands. The proactive scheme resulted in a recording label called: Minimal Resource Manipulation and this is their first release. The label name itself has it origin from an early release made on Douglas Benford’s Suburbs of Hell in 1995. At the time he was using the MRM alias descriptive of his work. It does not take long to realise that Matt Atkins in his Platform guise is onto something big. Nine tracks of electronic delight and it have to be said that they’re all exceedingly well produced, and together they stretch over big parts the vast electronic music spectrum. Simply put it’s excellent, minimal, glitch infused high treble sounds through and through. The album comes recommended and future of MRM will be interesting to follow. Finally I would like to congratulate MRM on the first release and wishing continued success with the label.

Joseph Auer, Inner Galaxies [Boltfish Recordings – BOLT033, 2006]

October 18th, 2006 Comments off

auer_inner_galaxiesMr Auer is back on Boltfish Recordings with another full-length album this and it is entitled “Inner Galaxies” and it’s the next scheduled release due anytime now (OCT 2006). On “Inner Galaxies” Auer continues his relentless examination and development of drum machine-based music deeply rooted in the house realms and few are doing it as successfully as he is. Sounds being perfected and many of the tracks are bass heavy and all undeniably moving forward. The house influences are showing clearly on this release, it’s straightforward, yet rich sounding, very versatile, hard sounding and soothing but make no mistake the direction is as clear: towards the curious part of any dance floor. It has been said before, but it deserves repeating: what lies behind the beats and production is pure craftsmanship and genuine love for the music, just like you would expect from Mr Auer. Conclusion: Auer + Boltfish = unstoppable!

Milieu/ENV(itre), The Tandem Series 5 [Boltfish Recordings – BOLT032, 2006]

October 18th, 2006 Comments off

tandemseries_05Two new debuts for Boltfish that goes by the name: Milieu and Env(itre). On what is the fifth instalment in the ongoing series of split releases aptly entitled “The Tandem Series”. The concept is simple enough, two artists co-habiting the same release. Milieu contributes with five tracks saturated with early BOAC references and who can ever really be blamed for having that particular source of inspiration? Milieu’s part starts off with “Threw Ourselves Into The Sun” a lovely track with a healthy beat and a dose of nostalgia. “Rain Metre” progresses along the same line, slowly and well put together. “Saltwater” strikes up a slightly more sinister atmosphere and has dry forward moving beats and interesting sounds, homage to BOAC of sorts. “Charcoal” is just so beautiful, with massive bass, echoing powerful beats, lovely melody all drenched in sprinkles of glitch and disturbing distortions it’s most definitely my favourite among Milieu’s tracks. Back on track in “Schoolbells” with straightforward beats ending this part of the debut release on Boltfish. The other artist contributing to this split goes by the name of Env(itre) and sees the welcome return of a talented electronic musician. Env(itre)’s debut full-length album entitled “Teaktshramin” was reviewed here at ED some two years ago (2004) and was originally released in 2003 on a German label called Aphorism. The whereabouts of the Aphorism label are not known and it would seem to be another small label that subsumes to the harsh (economic) reality of independent micro music life. The four tracks by Env(itre) are all really good and they all dwell in a crisp and clear musical setting containing healthy doses of beats, bas, structure fused with atmospheric elements cementing the feeling of enjoyment and very much a Boltfish affair. It’s Boltfish’s new breed on BOLT032 and you know you should investigate.

Yellow6, Loops, Notes and Sketches [solo guitar] [October Man Recordings – OCTOBER MAN 16, 2006]

October 18th, 2006 Comments off

yellow6_loops_notesGentle sounds of treated guitar in all its various forms, the title “Loops, Notes and Sketches [solo guitar]” says it all really, the reason being that Yellow6’s 11 track OMR release is precisely that. And so would his entire musical output seem to be, not that I’ve had the opportunity to hear more than a fraction of his fairly extensive output of guitar, looper pedal and an array of reverbs and tremolo. He has indirectly been featured before here at Electronic Desert for his contributions to Bauri’s “Cold Mittens” on the “Everything Will Be OK Again” EP released by the lovely New Speak label in 2003. And could very well have been featured a second time if the time would ever appear to write something about “Annexe: Cottage Industries 2” a compilation released by the now sadly debunked Neo Ouija label. The conclusion must be that the carefully constructed guitar soundscape are as beautiful as they are fragile and more than well deserves your attention. On a different note: the observant may also notice that the OMR release sequence has reached number 16 and that is three numbers short of the previous outing by Alkin Engineering. So while the 100 copies “Loops, Notes and Sketches [solo guitar]” are being sold out, you have two more October Man Recordings’ treats to look forward to.

Various Artists, Ginglik Saturdays: Rhythms Re-lik [Ginglik Records / Bubblewrap Industries – BUBBLIK02, 2006]

October 18th, 2006 Comments off

rhythms_re-likA 14-track compilation by the well-respected Ginglik establishment in London and depicting sonically what goes on their Saturday electronic excursions, in their fourth year of operation. It’s a collaboration release with Bubblewrap Industries and it is the second in a series of compilations. The 14-track compilation has known and not so known contributors from all around. There’s common denominator and that is that they’ve all performed live at Ginglik at a time or another. (Hey, that’s exactly the same setup as “Sandwaves Sector One”). It’s basically a mix of household names and soon to be ones. Among the debutants you’ll find Dine and Sunosis making contributions. The latter of them also seem to have released an MP3 EP entitled “Warm”. Abstract Knights of Colony Productions fame bring forth the steady beats and Ochre goes for a high-octane edit of one of his own songs. Sentinel 1 and Ardisson a definitely makes it into a London thing with various bas references. Liberation Jumpsuit and LJ Kruzer going for the vocals. Posthuman reinventing themselves in “The Process Of Filing Reports (Ginglik Mix)” as excellent as it is bursting of atmosphere. Zainetica brings the sounds of the other side of the Atlantic in his finger popping “Automatic Calm”. Veneration Music ends the compilation with the dramatic and drenched in analogue “The Double Life” which has a strong feeling of reminiscence to it, just can’t put my finger on it. A little something for everyone and by the sound of it Ginglik’s Saturdays are ready to go on for many years to come.

Tommi Bass, Tommi Bass Presents Tommi Labs Volume One [Rednetic – RN010, 2006]

October 18th, 2006 Comments off

tommibass_tommilabsAfter the stunning RN009 by Inigo Kennedy the time has come for RN010. Once again Rednetic are taking that slightly different musical orientation than they’ve done previously, namely down the good ol’ drum and bass path. In likeness with the “Invaders EP” by Scorn-Fury the Tommi Bass full-length album “Tommi Labs Volume One” is filled with jungle and drum’n’bass references and tracks. Actually we can skip the references part all together, this is pretty much a full on jungle story. Vocal samples and dance floor mayhem included, so where Scorn-Fury left 50% for something else than the dance floor, Tommi Bass gives the full 100%. It’s quite traditionally sounding stuff, but modern production techniques have made wonders for the genre and one thing is impossible to miss and that is the love for the music displayed by TB. The Rednetic label continues to explore and release music and the latest release exactly fits the epithet: “The subtle marriage of the adventurous with the accessible” that was cornered by the mighty International DJ magazine.

Alkin Engineering, Out Of Order [October Man Recordings – OCTOBER MAN 13, 2006]

August 22nd, 2006 Comments off

alkin_engineering_out_of_or“Out Of Order” is the title of the latest offering from October Man Recordings and a quite sinister sounding one at that. It is also the artist Alkin Engineering’s debut on OMR and it starts off setting the mood immediately with “Statine” and its disjointed rythms and distorted sounds merged with field recording like vocals. “Kit.fil.2” got synthesised string sounds with a strong retro feel and layers of vocals sounding like they originated from a bugging operation. “Howker Beth Simplified” has more structure with pulsating beats and metallic sounds. “Unsettled By Proxy” adds rhythm with some breakish beats and elements in the upper frequency regions. “Ventrac 9” and “Bortle Standard White” continue along the same lines creating an excellent EP with sinister atmosphere. This release is quite different musically from the previous OMR release, but they have at least one thing in common apart from being good and that is that they both are extremely rare. The 50 pieces run of “Out Of Order” is sold out since long. Be sure to catch the next release!

Imatran Voima, American Splendor EP [Golden Dice Records – GDR-001, 2006]

August 22nd, 2006 Comments off

golden_dice_001As they boldly state themselves “You know those boys” the Finnish electro unit Imatran Voima does the honours on newly started Golden Dice Records. The “American Splendor EP” is a four + two track twelve-inch release filled with vocoder and distinctive 808 basslines. The opening track “American Splendor” is a bass heavy and vocoder saturated old school purist take on electro that is sure to put any dance floor on fire. A2 is called “Intoxication” and it features a completely different style. It has straight beats and is firmly rooted in the rich Minneapolis party soil and even contains a fairly obvious reference to Minneapolis’ first son: Prince. A3 is a vocoder interlude. B1 is called “American Splendor (Fred Riveras Ultra Editz Edition) and would be an professional’s remix of the A1. B2 has some heavy acid references going on and finally the last and third track of the flip-side features the vocals (voderised) of “American Splendor” called “American Vocopella”. The EP has got some varied styles on it, but it must be said that they’re all firmly cemented in the sound scheme of the eighties. Nevertheless, it’s a good release from Imatran Voima keeping their bread of sound very much alive. Furthermore it is a good first release by Swedish based Golden Dice Records that probably also serves as an indicator of what to expect in the future. Electro rock lives!