Climate Chg Is A Hoax I?

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It is the 8th December 2019. I’ve never seen my sky look like that.

I recall the 13th December 1984/85. It was a cold very early Lucia* day, the snow was standing at least 1,5 meters or more and the air was completely still.

I remember, that initially I was just discontent and displeased with the early hour (as many or most teenagers probably would be till this day).

Then, suddenly, when I walked together with my classmates/friends literally surrounded by walls of snow, seeing the actual air crystallise* in front of my very won eyes on a cold and early morning.

The outdoor torches burning/flickering, like they were gasping for air in the complete darkness and/or simple lack of sun-light in the very early morning.

I remember feeling (and this quite some time ago); or thinking that, this is actually quite beautiful and unique and that it this is nice even-though it is pitch black, cold and extremely early in the morning. The distinct feeling that I will not experience this moment again, ever in my life. Because grown-ups (that I would have to become at some point in time) do not stay up all night in waiting for the celebration of Lucia (“Luciavaka”) and that I will probably not be doing this again, ever.

Visiting/walking to “Församlingshuset” that morning and celebrating Lucia; no matter how reluctant, sulking, tired or forced I was feeling that particular day, just being another young citizen will always be entrenched and remain one of many of my fond adolescent memories.

Looking out of my window now? What now? Well, the 13th December is five days away, yet it is raining and even if the ambient temperature would drop dramatically and 1500 mm of snow would fall?

I have a hard time accepting that it is still not an accepted fact. I can see it with my own eyes? Where is the cold and the snow? I’ve seen crystal clear ice a half meter thick in the vicinity.

We have managed to affect a system that is billions of years in the making in 200 years or so. That is a fact. I can see that in 30 years or so. From a system’s perspective? I can understand the sentiment from my peers; the system analysts. It can’t be done. Not, on a global scale, there must be other long-term mechanisms at play.

The system is to large, it’s simply not possible to introduce that kind of change on such a short time-scale. The system is to large and complex and it is impossible to introduce dramatic change.

Yet, this is not “normal” weather for the season. It should be locked in the grip of Winter a long time ago. It’s December… It is + 6° and raining in Stockholm right now? But, it should be – 10° or below and snowing hard.

* Technically it is not the “air”, it is the water in the air that turns into ice-crystals, changing aggregate state from liquid into solid. That’s when you you exhale and you get ice forming in your nose or your breath will form ice crystals in you eyebrows or eyelashes. That’s, when it is cold outside.

“- It’s not that cold and you will go outside now!”

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Do You Know Korean?

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It’s a tie, it looks like Korean writing and I would like to know what it says.

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It’s Plain To See That I’ll Be…

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It is an actual bonafide rather large (165×235 mm) and not uncommon orange SL-sticker*. I could simply not resist taking home with me. For one thing I really do like signs, pictograms and visual information items. Especially the amusing ones…

* SL (AB Storstockholms Lokaltrafik), it the Greater Stockholm Local Transit Company, formerly known as: AB Stockholms Spårvägar (SS) [sic!]. There was a name change in January 1967. However, you can still see the old logo here and there in the fair town of Stockholm SL. The adherence to the actual time table does not come close to Japanese or any other minimum requirement.

A related item (105×148 mm). It translates to: “Be so kind as to remove this object!”. In my mind that can be literally anything including myself or someone else?

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D’où Je Viens XIII

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Don’t Ever Leave Home w/0

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These are essential items for any excursion.

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28th November 2019

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Tombtown…after lunch.

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Another Town

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Time: 08:05.
Comments: no further.

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Two Original Quotes

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1st – Death by fika…
Mark Jefford-Baker, Nov 2019

2nd – Jag litar inte på mina fickor längre…*
Known, but anonymous, Nov 2019

* “I don’t trust my pant pockets anymore.”

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You Would Have Thought Or Bringin’ It?

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That the subject was depleted by now?

Helas, I’m still wondering, thinking and trying to understand how this is this possible? How and by what means did Aphex produce this: Selected Ambient Works 85-92.

– What do you mean?
– Literally I do not understand how or by what means “Xtal + Tha” could ever have been produced at the time. On what hardware? It is the same thing with æ. And if you listen closely , the similarities are unsettling. And that is the seed to drum’n’bass and breaks? It is not Model 500… but how was this feat achieved?

Is is in fact Alien?

Just now. I heard something that I never heard before. In a track that I’ve listened to many, many, many times… literally uncountable times. I think the transcription is: “Bringin’ it” and variations.

Honestly? I’ve never realized that until now and I bought it when it was released… that’s disturbing. Autechre ‎– Anti EP

Apart from the superiority? I loved then and I love it now. Technological pressure. It’s brutal enforcement and there’s no way out. Ever. “Resistance is futile. You will be assimilated!”.

It was like that then (25 odd years ago) and it still is. Musically? It is so futuristic and I’m not getting younger. I don’t like that at all! The more I listen to music and the older I get?

The references, it gets.. impossible. Excel? Right, sure. Is there even any point? Is it worth even trying? It is so technical and funky. It is superior and love/HATE it. It is my life and it is so quintessential UK. They are the worst of the lot. And it never stops.

In the end, if you happen to listen then you know/realize that it will not ever get better. Ever… and that will upset you. Are you still trying to create something (making music) after the fact?

I have nothing but the utmost respect and I wish that I had that determination. I have and am still supporting the effort though! I’m blessed, my friends.

I have said it before many a times… from Scandinavia, Sweden, Finland, Åland, through Scotland via England, Denmark, France, Balkan (twice) and the rest of Europe (almost).

On top off it all I need to change the title of this text as well… damn you!

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