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The Major Once Told Me

November 5th, 2017 Comments off

– “Full bass and no treble? That is the all classic teenage set-up?”

I did have that set-up. I have matured a little since then possibly? No, not really.

Picture: it is indeed my work horse, still in active duty. It’s my NAD 352 C amplifier coupled to basically every HW I have in my possession.

Firstly my Dali Ikon 1 speakers, the rest of the visual and audio equipment.

My tripled Wi-Fi network is involved (whatever happened with the recent WPA-2 breach?).

Last but not least the graphic monster called “Thalita” that belongs to the little one.

Mm, the others have names as well. The master is called “Merak”. Yes, they’re named in a systematic way. Is there another way?

Speaking of the little one. I’ve offered him another 8GB RAM. Not the same speed and since I told him that they may “clock down” the rest (slowest gets priority) he’s no longer interested/curious. I did tell him that, but even if that would be the case an extra 8GB should be advantageous.

Would you not be curious and you would not want to try? The answer is… No, you would not!*

Phones and then what. It was never and will never be my vision of technology.

If you look closely you will notice that the dials are set neutrally these days, the blue beauty of the Northern sky and an actual reflection of myself in the picture.

I replaced the “big” speakers** along time ago. And I used to have a dedicated 10″ sub-bass incorporated as well. It was fun but completely unreasonable. Actually I should have had a 12″ (I will have one). The 10″ was way to agressive for my taste. Nowadays? More treble and a more “balanced” sonic picture possibly?

However, in reality my amplifier is not actually pulling the weight, rather my MDR-XB950BT (to everyone’s relief I might add, if they were actually aware of the fact) are and they (my headphones) are set to pure teenager mode.

Full and maximised bass (inbuilt amplifier), so no sonic neutrality at all really. Basically, I listen to them with as much bass as they can physically produce without distorting. Why? Because I like it like that.

Other story. The sound can be recreated, but you need stacks… towers of them. I know, many towers.

* That’s so strange. So, I’m just going to do it. An extra 8GB? If the machine in fact will not perform better? Then I will concede. I promise. Performance is measurable.

** They were converted to sub-basses, painted white and reside in a completely different location.

Eternal Breaks?

November 4th, 2017 Comments off

Do you mean that literall?


Yes, I do mean that, forever.

Beats forever, breaks forever, “Le tam-tam” forever.

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They Say

November 4th, 2017 Comments off

that the late and departed Mr. M. Fisher has left something behind. Texts.

A last text… supposedly named “Acid Communism”.

If that is indeed true, I honestly don’t know what to do.

Until I read it. That is.

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Party Up

November 4th, 2017 Comments off

All dressed up? “Up in here?” And no where to go?

No, the original plan was early and easy. Yet, “If you don’t want to party? Your *** go to go.”*

Then an impossibly long sequence of completely random events occurred and eventually it turned out to be the best night out ever.

Ever? Ever! Ever never ever! The best ever. Belarus and Lithuania helped me along the way. The best night out ever.

It was… so beautiful. I felt like a free man again. Semper Fidelis.

Vegas said: “It is art!”

* “There’s nothing clever about faul language.”

If I Was Indeed A Numeroligist

November 3rd, 2017 Comments off

My main machine’s boot time is exactly 42 seconds. Pattern recognition 101.

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Strangest Thing, I Found It Laying On The Ground

November 3rd, 2017 Comments off

It was laying there on the ground. It seemed very strange to me.

I thought it was just misplaced and I was looking for an owner to left and right.

I could not see anyone, I shouted very softly, “have you lost a sign?” but, no one was to be heard. I could find/see anyone?

Overwhelmed by deep emotion and equally deep conviction I finally made the decided to take care of it, for safekeeping until the rightful owner can claim it.

It just happens that it also the solution to our eventual social problems, cameras I mean.

What a remarkable coincidence, don’t you think?

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October 31st, 2017 Comments off

[Picture was pending 2017-10-31 and added 2017-11-02. NB: This text is based on an actual job application.].

Since everyone seem obsessed with quotes and allegations these days?

Given that this is the first page of Riksteaterns press page.

I may on own accord have made an error of judgement here? Maybe it has nothing to do with my age at all? Maybe this is something altogether different? A different subject? The original post just below (dates are above):

I’m feeling mistreated. I suspect that it may have to do with my age? I’m worried that I may in fact be discriminated against in this very moment! And I’m Swedish!

I want to mention that “#” actually means something very different. Nice people. And why would the not nice ones tell you? Would you? What is behind your social networks? Is it… code? Who writes the code? Do you know how too? Probably not. Have you ever encountered a “natural” coder? I have. Seldom. In work? It is pure beauty to watch. Line-by-line. Art.

What? I am telling you that you do not have any idea of what your are talkining about.

“Hej *****,

tack för ditt meddelande.

Vi på Riksteatern arbetar med kompetensbaserad rekrytering. Vi baserar alltså vårt urval av kandidater på hur väl de matchar mot den kravprofil som vi ställt upp för tjänsten.

Dessa krav framgår av annonsen:
Du har mycket goda kunskaper inom IT, och har flera års erfarenhet av arbete med webb- och systemutvecklingsprojekt. Du har haft rollen som webbansvarig, systemägare, produktägare eller systemförvaltare.

Då vi inte kan utläsa att du har de kunskaper och erfarenheter som vi efterfrågar, har du inte blivit kallad på intervju.

Med vänliga hälsningar,

The last straw… I would have, if given the opportunity. I’ve been to the venues many times and I do truly believe in the arts. Misspellings and poor grammar. The “angst” of going to school and perform always and beyond. Always excel? There is at least a “?” missing in this rather short text. I love Riksteatern or the idea in any case. Fine. That’s OK and basically my personal problem. The message has been received. That picture though?

Du har mycket goda kunskaper inom IT, och har flera års erfarenhet av arbete med webb- och systemutvecklingsprojekt. Du har haft rollen som webbansvarig, systemägare, produktägare eller systemförvaltare? Det räcker nu? Kan inte ens stava ordentligt? OK. “Kulturarbete?” “Utbildning?”. OK.

Contact me at: anytime you want. It would be as a consultant though. Different tarrif.

The current situation? It is just ridiculous.

Picture added. First page. Press page. Riksteatern press.

Det fick jag lära mig i skolan. Avgränsa dina ämnen. “Det är nya tider nu. Det är digitalt.”.

I was thought in school. Scope, don’t let the subject matter become to extended. “New times, it is digital.”

Minister: Peter Eriksson – Housing and Digital? Minister of Digitalisation in 2017? Stop it right now! OK. Nxt post.

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Om Unit Has Trancended

October 28th, 2017 Comments off

The way he is playing at His latest set?

It’s… simply put dangerous. And I did not even know until yesterday that he has “air-time” (mm, “Rinse” was an actual radio station… you know old-school in the air hence the trem “air-time”).

Brutal/leathal breaks. I’m almost a little afraid (no not really).

The breaks are infact eternal after all!

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Hold Up! My Brothers And Sisters!

October 28th, 2017 Comments off

What now? Have you listened to Are you really going to ignore what the hell is going on?

Fine, I can’t do that. I for one did not spend 30 years listening, to ignore it? Too me? That is impossible.

And I will not do it. Pretend that it does not exist? I don’t care, that is simply ridiculous.

Om Unit is playing some stuff that I can’t handle. That’s overstreatch and overstay at the same time. I can’t really comment on that. Honestly, I actually don’t know what to say.

Either you never knew or you don’t just don’t care any more. Murder. Killed me.

The short mixing (I’ve never ever liked that. But, tracks are tracks though). I… there’s nothing I can say at the moment. The sound? The mix? The music? 01:50 min mixing?. That is less than 120 seconds, maybe ADHD does exist after all? 60 + 50 is 110 seconds? A new track every 110 seconds? That is insane.

Your decision. You can not have both.

That is 30 years’ of breaks… UK breaks. Come on? Get a grip? My entire life? I never said anything else? Few cared and now? It does not seem fair too me. I justed liked bass.

That’s it. Enough. “Om Unit” on, the set is days old. 30 years later? I never told you what to like?

No, it was DMX yesterday and Om Unit today. I can’t take it.

Picture: well it is Jeanne d’Arc, the saviour of France as it were and a woman indeed.

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UK Rules

October 27th, 2017 Comments off

What now? Are you serious? You can choose any show on

I have my favourites for sure. It is Friday night? My God. 2017? I’m telling you that you can select any show?

And you lot are leaving the Union? I can’t understand that. You can claim your own republic? Londonium together with the Scotts and the ones from Ireland (at last)?

Europe want and need you. Please stay.

The rest? Just listen to it? You don’t really want to loose it? Relentless beats? Hard work. Do you think that you can shop them anywhere?

No, I know for a fact that is not possible. The/that push? It really does not matter now if you believe me or not. I am too old and now I do know.

The R? And I am an European? If you don’t care about the beats? Another story altogheter.

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