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This Is A Ride!

November 17th, 2019 Comments off

No further comments or it would transport a complete 2 x 2 x 18″ sound system: speakers, amp, pre-amp and filter in a 19″ cabinet, two turntables (Technics 1210 goes without a saying), 4-channel mixer (Pioneer 500 with out a doubt), incl. lighting, projector, screen, all cabling, personnel and duct tape.

A well-organized packing strategy was needed. The suspension would be suffering a tad though, but only once a month.

However, there’s a far worse case scenario (than stressing the suspension) and that would be if the ride happened to be stolen. Driven at high speed by someone under the influence listening to full-on-all-the-way euro-techno*, geared-up for the next break-in, across a round-about (apparently you could see the tire tracks quite clearly) and into an apartment building just below a balcony.

There’s nothing like a Saab on the road!**

That right there is the same make and model as the original (and only) Electronic Desert motorcar.

I visited the scrap-yard. And it was a sad, truly sad, and I mean a really, really sad, sad day.

– Is there something to be salvage from the wreck?
– No, there is nothing left of value.
– What is that?
– It is a bag of tricks to commit crime. Consisting of VERY large screwdrivers and a oversized cutter.
– It is all useless (the bag, its content including the entire car in its last state was left as it was found. It was a sad day.)?
– Yes, and this ride is broken. Honestly, I can’t even afford to scrap it.
– But, Is it not insured?
– Of course it is insured, however, the insurance will not even cover the cost of scrapping it even less so buying a similar one.
– I’m truly, truly sorry… It is a sad day.

I do not know this for a fact, but this model/make of car is/was apparently one of the easiest to steal. If that’s accurate it is a shame really because it is a truly great ride. It’s a SAAB!

This text is wholeheartedly and without question dedicated to the one and only; You Can Run But You Can’t Hide Jaques Lueder.

I’ve never seen a more tired man/human being than that day at the scrap-yard. Facing the actuality and accepting the destiny of a humble man, as a man, and head-on. In all its harshness and brutality, the reaction was also a thing of beauty. The life.

The definition of a: Vaa faaan…?*** moment. Why in the name of the good Lord did you have steal that car?

* An actual non-Swedish quote in reference to… Jaguar. No, obviously I’m not joking and it is true.

** It was the first sound that was heard as the ignition key was turned for the last time. The stereo’s sound control was set to max…

*** Rough translation: What the hell…?

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Before The Incident

November 17th, 2019 Comments off

Before I was forcefully removed from the premise.

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15:43 Or Lights Turned Off?

November 16th, 2019 Comments off

I live in the North.

In the darkness… it is impossible to describe and it will affect you no matter what you think or your individual strength.

You need to experience it first-hand to believe it. It is the harshest climate in the World.

Even Helios, the sun itself disappears (it’s frightening!), the water from the sky and in the lakes turn to ice.

– Yes, I understand.
– You… know nothing John Snow!

Like my father used to say:

– They came in the summer and it was nice, it passed. So…, why did they stay (after first winter)?

I’ve been pondering that exact same question for quite a while now. Clock says 15:43? That would be GMT+1 or is it two?

Pictures? Natural light. No doctoring. Actually in reality is even darker – believe or not. That would be: 59.3293° N, 18.0686° E * – it is truly unbelievable.

* And the land stretches much, much further north. I’m not even situated at half distance from the end. I’m about a third the way. What they’re doing up there? I have not got the faintest idea. I can say this much don not mess with them. Sápmi, it’s their country.

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Farbror Blå

November 16th, 2019 Comments off

Farbror Blå aka Uncle Blue.

That’s all good and well. However, I still got rights even though I’m just a regular citizen; an average Joe if you will.

I’m just: “- En enkel drum’n’bass kille från söder om söder.” That would be the SoSo perspective

– When can I go home plz?”

It’s just wrong. I’m sick and tired of “people” overstretching their rights whilst denying mine. And they’re rightfully mine. It all has to stop! I will never accept living in a Police state, policed by people who are not even actual police women or men?

Support a free HK Now! The Universal rights. Support freedom of speech it can be taken away at any moment. And it includes; all arts, ideas, beliefs and in the end humanity itself.

No joke business. Don’t waste it.

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On The Wall I

November 9th, 2019 Comments off

It is yet another discarded instrument. On The Wall II, Not On The Wall I and Not On The Wall II.

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Left Behind

November 9th, 2019 Comments off

The solitary was most likely dropped a dash hurrying in some direction – but, what about the pairs?

It always makes me wonder. What happened the instant before someone decided “- I’m not wearing these shoes no more this day/night!”. Did a spare pair exist somewhere or did nature have its causal way?

They do not seem to have been “kicked-off”; on the contrary, they’re were (must have been) orderly removed and quite purposefully placed. What about the remaining journey?

Was it bear-feet or in socks: on bike, by car, being carried or dragged, on stretcher, the coroner, on electric scooter or maybe simply Au natural?

What happened after they were left behind? I always wonder…

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November 9th, 2019 Comments off

A good day, I didn’t even need to use my AK…

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Fail By Design?

November 7th, 2019 Comments off

5-pack - Lightningkablar iPhone X/8/7/ 6S/ 6/ 5S/ 5C/ 5/

I’m just saying… charging cables packed and sold five at the time? Is there possibly something flawed with the original design/concept?

Co-incentally this is the 900 post (not counting the ones censored in the past and in the possible future).

I was once asked at the 300 mark or so:

– Why, do you write these texts and who’s ever going to read what you’re writing?

It was as funny then as it is funny now. I don’t know that anyone ever will/would. That’s not reason why. Obviously, I hope that someone of the 7700 000 000 000 people alive today is reading (I happen to know that I have some readers albeit not that many) some of the texts. Why would you ask something like that? If I may ask in turn?

I suppose it’s a question of perspective, and that it must have to do with your relation to the rest of the World. Never ever be in the wrong. And there’s a guaranteed method of achieving that “objective” and that is to do/produce/interact as little as possible. Then you will be more or less certain of always being in the right.

I obviously don’t share that perspective.

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A Bathed Bear – Is A Happy Bear

November 6th, 2019 Comments off

The little black bear (that would be my bike) and I was in an altercation of sorts with a car none-the-less!

Passing the second car in question on the left-side mid a pedestrian crossing proved harder then anticipated and we got shuffled sideways as we were hit in the rear.

Our speed was more than sufficient to stay on course. I’ve never been hit before, but I can’t say for sure about the little black bear though.

However, no real harm was done – quite the opposite; actually it was rather amusing as we bounced of the front bumper of the sliver colored car accompanied by the sound of buckling plastic completely unhindered and on our way forward.

A << Now you see me, now you don't >> kind of scenario. As we cruised past/among the numerous buses, cars, pedestrians and other possible obstacles in a matter of seconds.

Musta Karhu is washed, bathed, clean and the chain is freshly lubed – however, there are no breaks left to speak of which is somewhat inconvenient, particularly when you do need to stop…

The credo was and still is: Ride hard, break hard and carry as much speed as possible.

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Täby And Return

November 2nd, 2019 Comments off

The little black bear and I took a round-trip from Årstberg to Täby centrum. It is a 50 km ride depending on your navigation skills… apart from the slightly chilly weather, somewhat slippery road surface and the fact that the breaks front and back are completely shot,** it was a truly nice ride.

Time of departure: 14:00
Time of arrival: 16:50
At home, ca: 20:30

“- Tänd lampan!” (“- Turn on your headlight!”)
“- Jag har ingen*!” (“- I don’t have one!”)

* Stripped: no fenders, lights or reflexes whatsoever (yes, the pedals’ reflexes have been removed too). There’s nothing left to remove, as minimal s it gets and thereby the ultimate ride.

“- Isn’t that impractical?”
“- That is quite possible, however, it a question of aesthetics as well and not necessarily about practicality, I mean look at the bike! Behold, the little black bear!”

An enforcer, scarring the young and old, not by any means intentionally; just extremely fast paced, agile and black. In short: the little black bear.

** I like to break hard and do so a lot. Riding without breaks composes a compromise.

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