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Fail By Design?

5-pack - Lightningkablar iPhone X/8/7/ 6S/ 6/ 5S/ 5C/ 5/

I’m just saying… charging cables packed and sold five at the time? Is there possibly something flawed with the original design/concept?

Co-incentally this is the 900 post (not counting the ones censored in the past and in the possible future).

I was once asked at the 300 mark or so: – Why, do you write these texts and who’s ever going to read what you’re writing? It was as funny then as it is funny now.
– I don’t know that anyone ever will/would. That’s not reason why. Obviously, I hope that someone of the 9000 000 000 000 people alive today is reading (I happen to know that I have some readers albeit not that many) some of the texts.
– Why would you ask something like that? If I may aks in turn?

I suppose it’s a question of perspective, and that it must have to do with your relation to the rest of the World. Never ever be in the wrong. And there’s a guaranteed method of achieving that “objective” and that is to do/produce/interact as little as possible. Then you will be more or less certain of always being in the right.

I obviously don’t share that perspective.

A Bathed Bear – Is A Happy Bear

The little black bear (that would be my bike) and I was in an altercation of sorts with a car none-the-less!

Passing the second car in question on the left-side mid a pedestrian crossing proved harder then anticipated and we got shuffled sideways as we were hit in the rear.

Our speed was more than sufficient to stay on course. I’ve never been hit before, but I can’t say for sure about the little black bear though.

However, no real harm was done – quite the opposite; actually it was rather amusing as we bounced of the front bumper of the sliver colored car accompanied by the sound of buckling plastic completely unhindered and on our way forward.

A << Now you see me, now you don't >> kind of scenario. As we cruised past/among the numerous buses, cars, pedestrians and other possible obstacles in a matter of seconds.

Musta Karhu is washed, bathed, clean and the chain is freshly lubed – however, there are no breaks left to speak of which is somewhat inconvenient, particularly when you do need to stop…

The credo was and still is: Ride hard, break hard and carry as much speed as possible.

Täby And Return

The little black bear and I took a round-trip from Årstberg to Täby centrum. It is a 50 km ride depending on your navigation skills… apart from the slightly chilly weather, somewhat slippery road surface and the fact that the breaks front and back are completely shot,** it was a truly nice ride.

Time of departure: 14:00
Time of arrival: 16:50
At home, ca: 20:30

“- Tänd lampan!” (“- Turn on your headlight!”)
“- Jag har ingen*!” (“- I don’t have one!”)

* Stripped: no fenders, lights or reflexes whatsoever (yes, the pedals’ reflexes have been removed too). There’s nothing left to remove, as minimal s it gets and thereby the ultimate ride.

“- Isn’t that impractical?”
“- That is quite possible, however, it a question of aesthetics as well and not necessarily about practicality, I mean look at the bike! Behold, the little black bear!”

An enforcer, scarring the young and old, not by any means intentionally; just extremely fast paced, agile and black. In short: the little black bear.

** I like to break hard and do so a lot. Riding without breaks composes a compromise.

A Thing Of Bruty

Discarded, found, collected and in perfect working order.

I’ll drill my way trough your wall/door and then I’ll saw my way into your home… time? It is not really a factor, power-supply, however? It might be an issue, but a stand-alone-petrol/gasoline/mixed generator would sort that out. Using nothing but power tools.

Then again: oxygen and a termite rod burning at 3000 centigrade will sort everything out.

I mean, if the case is getting in and the focus is to actually get in? Then, what is needed is quite obvious?

The melting point for almost anything existing in this World is well below that temperature (actually that applies to “everything”, apart from magnetic fields and other stuff of that kind.).

No further comments.

I Am Strangely Affected

Yes, it is yet another loss… yet, another funeral and one being remotely situated in time, and I am strangely affected.

Why is that? I’m not entirely sure and I am indeed somewhat surprised of it being like so. I would not have thought so.

I’m holding a wake of some sort and that is equally surprising to me. I suspect that it has to do with history (as always), my own history in particular.

The loss is tied to my own history/memory, it is connected to another time, that has passed and that I’m relating to; the: way-back-times.

I guess that I’m just reminiscing. That I’m pondering as per usual the idea(s) or thoughts-of-the-imagined-future-to-be, in as many words.

I feel strange, affected or possibly estranged. In all honesty it is all quite surprising to me.

Or, maybe, is it simply that which is shared? The elder recognizing the youth and effort?

For the sake of continuity, and for the belief in; Europe, Education, Manors, Clothing, Shoes, Art, Music, History and in the end in Civilization itself?

Missed and remembered.

Destination? Out-And-About…

Previous evening’s company?

AC, Fabio & Grooverider on the unstoppable: Of course, off course, and of course on course.

“Let It Go!” on Twisted Individual’s label Grid Recordings. I am speechless (it is a an uncommon state, believe it or not).

The unconditional love for drum’n’bass?

– Are you some kind of fanatic?
– Yes, I most definitely am and I want to go home (to London)!

Brexit or “BR-EWUT?*” I’m really, really, I mean really not in the mood. It is upsetting beyond my own comprehension and there is need for some heavy hands distributing severe punishment…

– No matter [how many?] people (it’s an unprecedented mumble. I mean on a never before seen scale) aks** [sic!] me about it? I have to shut them down. It’s not for you! I play this for DJ Flight, also my man Digital, Fabio loves this, I play this for you Boss. And for my man Scotty… I played this at… killed it! It’s the Assassinator and that is all I can tell you about this.

There you go: a bonafide, genuine and somewhat (and that is the definition of an understatement) grumpy DJ Grooverider 2019 quote. More following below.

That is elite! It is the way it is and always has been, drum’n’bass is and has always been at the very musical front-line and there’s simply no room…

“- I can play these naughty things all night long – it’s not even funny. You are never going to be able to buy this ever!” Q: is the vocal really as in shared reality: special super ni**er? Really? And those beats? Over-streatch if you aks me… I cannot begin to explain.

Come one: special super ni**er and no, it is not: ni**a, it is ni**er. Bass Line Smith? Possibly involved, but I personally think the real culprit is the one actually playing the track. The pressure? It’s just rude! Complete destruction. Pure and simple. Unbelievable. And that is the thanks for decades served? Again? What do you think?***

It is just, brilliant! The pressure and without a doubt absolutely true and it is what I have been loving for many decades no, no compromise, however the question remains is this attitude really necessary? I personally don’t think so, is it a part of the culture? Most definitely so.

I probably could write something on that subject as well. A “dual-thingy”… and maybe something about the eternal need of heroes/ins. Another time possibly…

* Please see: “May” Someone Please Stop This Catastrophe? published 03/03/2019, Claim Your Own State? What Then? published 31/10/2017 and UK Rules

It is not to late… proclaim an independent state: The State Of London (TSOL). Become a full-EU member, issue your own passports, staff the embassies, change the flag, pay/get paid in € and stop this nonsense.

Bring in the professionals! Look at the constitution and aks (mm, do believe that it needs to be “aks”** and not “ask”, consult Groove… if you have further questions regarding that particular subject/spelling) the Supreme Court. Do something!

Time is running out: 31/10/19 that is literally tomorrow. I can’t even bear to watch this (forced to) complete train-wreck, honestly. This is not what Evropa needs.


*** “- You have played the same thing (track/song is what I would prefer it being called) 20 times in a row now? And you need to STOP doing that right about now!”

“- What can I say? I get that, but then again it’s like that… maybe I’m just not listening like most [people] are? I honestly don’t know… I can, however have much sympathy, I can understand how it is hard, or even very hard to understand that.

But trust me, it goes both ways, it is a part of the human condition. The love for something supersedes everything else right or what do you actually love? Spending decades on something it will eventually/hopefully have an effect? Right?”. I saw the birth.

The unconditional Love… is Eternal! Credentials, I’m not worried.

ID These Items Will You Be So Kind?

No, I’m not telling, other than that, both my father and another used it or similar device.

I do have more than one in my possession. Can I manually handle and command the item? I surely used to be able to… it was a long time ago.


I don’t know if it is relevant or not, however the company Piller is celebrating 100 years’ in business this year. And yes, they’re apparently still based in Osterode am Harz (never been) in northern Germany. And no, I don’t think the use these items in their daily enterprise.

Support A Free HK!

I always thought the “change” would be significantly more visible. I thought that I would get a clear; tangible “evidence” of the change… in my life-time. Then the time passed.

It may or not have happened, but with the decades’ passing, what more proof do I really need?

In all honestly it has already happened.

And when I see the really young, fighting for freedom of speech in Hong Kong and elsewhere; literally risking their lives for the sacred right to express themselves freely.

I feel deeply moved, humbled, hopeful and immensely proud of the younger generation!

Six Millions Ways To Die…

…a lost generation, ‘always yearning for the time that just eluded us’: those who were born too late for punk but whose expectations were raised by incendiary afterglow; those who watched the Miners’ Strike with partisan adolescent eyes but were too young to really participate in the militancy; those who experienced the future-rush euphoria of rave as their birthright, never dreaming that it could burn out like fried synapses; those, in short, who simply did not find the ‘reality’ imposed by the conquering forces of neoliberalism livable. It’s adapt or die, and there are many different forms of death available to those who can’t pick up the business buzz or muster the requisite enthusiasm for the creative industries. Six millions ways to die, choose one: drugs, depression, destitution. So many forms of catatonic collapse. In earlier times, ‘deviants, psychotics and the mentally collapsed’ inspired militant-poets, situationists, Rave-dreamers. Now they are incarcerated in hospitals, or languishing in the gutter.

Ghosts of My Life: Writings on Depression, Hauntology and Lost Futures, Mark Fisher, Published: 2014-05-30

Where it’s @: k-punk.

It is condensed text/writing by a favorite author that passed away much to soon and whom is sourly missed. A contemporary commentator of the “Human condition” that has rarely been seen. I was fortunate enough to see/meet an author of my time in the flesh and extend my gratitude for the writings… And yes, it was a truly unique moment for me and in my life thus far; and it will probably never going to be superseded, ever, never, ever…

Photo: P. Merritt, ©2003