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Going from one strange place to another.

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Up or down?

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Tower one.

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Close to the roundabout.

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There Is A Reason

December 6th, 2017 Comments off

No, I have not watched/followed the series “Mr Robot” and there is a perfectly good reason or explanation for it.

Basically, it probably will not have a positive effect on my persona. Before it became a word with absolute negative connotation (got to love the 2000’s)…

I always referred to it as just that: “själv-censur” (“self auditing” if you will).

Example: My little sister simply loves horror movies. But I don’t. I don’t like “splatter” horror movies nor do I like photographs of war casualties.

I actually still have bad dreams originating from VHS 1983 or 84 (very seldom these days I might add.). Horror inflicted on a young impressionable mind.

So, I’ve chosen not too look at them. I don’t like zombies or zombie movies either for that matter.

But, don’t you like recreational extreme violence in an entertaining context? Of course I do. I like “action” movies.

The series? Mr Robot? It is brilliant in all aspects, the photo is great, the dialogue/script is excellent and the subject could not be more valid, deeply existential or very contemporary. And who doesn’t like the “troubled” young soul?

Are there any further questions?

Shockingly enough it will not be first series that I own (soon) that I probably will not watch till the end. That fact actually surprises even me.

I think it has something to do with visual overload. But, given time, in theory I can watch the entire series. In theory I can watch all my movies, listen to all my music and read all my books at least one more time in my life-time.

In theory.

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This Man Deserves An Award

December 6th, 2017 Comments off

M. Kellerman needs to be awarded right now!

Maybe, just maybe he can restore the honour of culture Sweden? Please don’t fail me now.

Whatever medal or honorary you have in store. Honorary doctor?

But, please do it now. Before it is to late and it’s all beyond repair.

What about: services rendered to humanity? Instead of Haag and the depressing tales of humanity that takes place there?

Acute contemporary; truth/observation/art and being hilarious at the same time?

The man is a f**ing living and breathing miracle.

Give him an award right now! Any award. Jag säger prisutdelning nu!

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Ambition & The Pursuit Of Bass

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Sometimes I wonder. What ever the f**k happened to us all? “Bicycle Race (I Want to Ride My Bicycle)” and I do got a bike.

Just like, it does not matter how many times…

Photek’s “Form & Function” will probably remain the very best dumn’n’bass album ever produced; for ever, ever and ever never.

Why? I can’t even describe how good it is. Future! If you can make anything sound like that? Then anything is possible. Unbelievable stuff.

Now. in 2017 I can hear the feedback (distortion/ground-failure) from (I’m guessing) pushing everything to the limit in order to get the right sound.

Today? It makes things come alive. It adds a “dirty” element to the whole composition. From the samples, from the cassettes and pushing everything to the limit in the pursuit of the ultimate bass.  Mind you, there was a time when  it did not get “cleaner” than Photek.

That kind of compression, the production is out-of-this-world… “Katten med hatten kan ditten och datten.” or “Kom igen, det svänger ju katten.”

It is incredible and the origin can only be one.

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I Don’t Care, You Will Boot In 42 Seconds Or Less

December 6th, 2017 Comments off

Damn it!

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I sent my little one to pick up a package that belonged to him.

With my ID and his ID. He was refused and he came back deeply disappointed and angry. And I made him disappointed?

And you all say that you have his best interest in mind? Right? Are you really sure about that?

Are you honestly concerned about the little one? That would be my son? I don’t think that I believe you.

You don’t care about my little one. I mean you don’t even know him, in all honesty you don’t really know my son.

You are in fact not interested in my little one at all. You simply don’t like me. That is OK.

You don’t have to like me. And I actually may not like you either. But we are all adults right?

My son does not have anything to do with all of that. I know who you are and I know what you have done to us. I will not forget what you have done to us. Ever.

I did return and I picked up the parcel with the very same ID?

I did not even need to use my little sister’s testament, ensuring that I am in fact the individual that I am.

Do you not understand how undermining it is to the overall trust in the system? Or do you even care?

My little one was devastated when he came home and had failed? Can you not understand that? It was the same ID? Do you even care?

So, why is your ID invalid? Or what the hell is wrong with you? Now that is a fair question. I did not know. I did not care and I’m sorting it tomorrow.

With the police. I don’t like the police. Little sis, will have to say, that I am who I am. That’ll be interesting.

Did get the package.

Please! Don’t break the belief of the young! Just don’t do that. They need to believe (everyone needs to).

Flux. I just hate it!

Picture: Jump! A warm and funny, funny day with the little boys down by the river! We started out slowly…


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Bukhara Kites Part One

December 4th, 2017 Comments off

Deep UK musical tradition right there…

I have been waiting for a new VOD album a very, very long time, waiting for the “Vizier Of Damascus”.

I have conflicting feelings. Being deeply involved is not a problem in itself. But you may loose yourself.

No, I don’t know him personally. Religion? My ancestors did, my father and I was supposed to do so. No, I don’t know VOD personally. I listen to his music.

I really do like that what is “spiritual”. Yet, the past decades have evolved in another direction altogether. So many people getting lost. Getting lost in dogma? The rules.

I still hope/trust that music/art will set the level and even all that out. “Badashai” is from 2005, it is one of my favorite albums. It is quite old now.

An extremely beautiful album and fueled by out-most conviction? An actually religious conviction? In faith, an actual believer made the album? Ironic. A religious individual with taste.

The World has changed a lot since then, fanatics destroying everything in their path. Relations close to impossible. Armageddon? Possibly. But, your convictions and feelings have not changed? You still believe? You are a believer?

In any event, I like it, immensely.

The new one? The artwork is stunning. It is a Rednetic release, what else would you expect?

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