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April 27th, 2020 Comments off

The number of demolition sites in SoSo is simply astounding. New buildings are getting erected closer and closer they stand. The building codes from the past were not just invented randomly…

Support A Free HK II!

April 27th, 2020 Comments off

It was important in Oct 2019 and even more so now!

Beware! Too Late…
Support A Free HK!

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The Situation

April 25th, 2020 Comments off

Due to the Covid-19 situation and the uncertainty we are in, we have decided to not proceed the recruitment for Teknikintresserade talanger till XXXXXX eftermarknad

We apologize for the inconvenience and hope that you are interested in applying for other positions at XXXXXX in the future.

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Adapt Or Die?

April 18th, 2020 Comments off

The quietest Rolls-Royce ever made, Phantom’s interior is the domain of both the bass drop and the pin drop. An acoustic haven perfectly tuned for hearing music, conversation, or purely your own thoughts.

A sanctuary of peace and tranquility. Or a peerless venue for beats without a trace of background noise. Phantom is for those who hear what they desire – not what is imposed from the world outside.

The texts above makes you wonder – is it possible that Rolls Royce clientele have changed the past decade or so?

Key words: break, bass, drop, music, beats

Source: Rolls Royce Motor Cars.

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Beware! Too Late…

April 11th, 2020 Comments off

Before mass leaders seize the power to fit reality to their lies, their propaganda is marked by its extreme contempt for facts as such, for in their opinion fact depends entirely on the power of man who can fabricate it.


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Signs II

April 7th, 2020 Comments off

Direction – the glove fell from the coat hanger and landed on the hall floor exactly in that position (I promise.).

Discarded solitaires – salvaged one-by-one, each everyone of them.

On the move – on the other side of the ocean. The slippers’ feet are located to the east on the opposite side of the earth.

Thorn lids – Eight laptops in total all destroyed on purpose by the looks of it. The lids thorn from their casing including matching power adapters with cut cords…

Cut cables – Eight power adapters all destroyed on purpose by the looks of it. The cables cut including matching laptops with thorn lids…

Dangerous cousins – empty gas canisters in the recycling room? They’re not supposed to be there and in an event of a fire (there’s been two in recent years) they equate to not one but two possible bombs.

Non-breathable – it’s yellow and it’s hazardous.

Fade Resist – referencing the sky in late summer, it will come!

Fade Resist – inverted.

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Old School

March 26th, 2020 Comments off



It is my grandmother’s old school book; EUKLIDES’ FYRA FÖRSTA BÖCKER. I don’t know how she felt about geometry, but I suspect that is was not her favourite subject. Then again I could be completely wrong. We never had time to discuss it and I know for a fact that my little sister disapproves the concept/subject matter all together.

Book one to four stretches 128 pages, there’s a fifth and a sixth book to boot…

Old school? As far as I know (reading the signature) it would have been her first year in high school. Round about 1927 or possibly earlier; “Ring I”.

Then she had to learn Latin too (I have her dictionary and it was printed in 1924). ALEA IACTA EST as she would sometimes say; that’s proper old school education for you!

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They Are Also Emitting Photons

March 24th, 2020 Comments off

My current workhorse was once a throw-away a discarded machine. I collected another specimen not long ago. And now it is in full working order; fitted with a disc that was recently homeless. As were my bike*, headphones and countless of routers, cables and switches.

Keep the key parts and then refit them and make the machine come to life again. It is as gratifying as it is fun.

– Will this actually work? You’ll have to try to find out.

* My bike is not emitting photons at all and nor are my headphones, there are no light sources on them. Neither of them are fitted with Light Emitting Diods or LED:s for short.

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It Is Emitting Photons

March 24th, 2020 Comments off

Q01: Why would you throw away a fully functioning thing to begin with?

Q02: Why would throw away anything that has not been used ever?

Q03: Why would you throw an unused LED light bulb*, in its original packaging, in the trash**?

* It is emitting photons and making light and that is the sole function of this artefact. Please see the picture above. In the trash. The waste upsets me.

** The lack of light for reading is hampering the education of millions of children in the World. Why? well, very few people or none can read in complete darkness – apart from those who know Braille… The only thing they rest of us need is a light bulb and some power.

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Prata Med MIn Advokat

March 21st, 2020 Comments off

– If that would be the case I would simply say. ‘Prata Med Min Advokat’.
– Here is the business card, just call the number and state your concern.

That’s the original quote and it is decidedly much more amusing in Swedish* than it is in English (it translates to: ‘Talk to my lawyer’). Which in turn would entail: call my Lawyer. The rest? I for sure am not telling anything about anything. Call my Lawyer?

* I changed the title from English to Swedish. You simply would not say that in Swedish or in any event you did not use to say something like that. I kind of like it.

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