BRKZ 2020

Serious breaks and the pretencious counterpart, it’s as ridiculus as it is hilarious; Mon Dieu! Mais ou est le Maitre d’hôtel? Location? It is the latest addition to Liljeholmskajen situated in the fair town of Stockholm, Sweden. D’où Je Viens 1 – 27. The real ones? D + R of course…

Support A Free HK V!

Beware! Too Late… Support A Free HK! Support A Free HK II! Support A Free HK III! Support A Free HK IV! Think About It… Hard


06-06-2020 Please see “Light Is Hope!” – Msg III. Msg II and Msg I.

Du måste… Diska Lugnare + DR + RR + AR + DB + ED + PR – RB

Inital estimation? SKHLM (Skärholmen and return) it must be closer than Täby? Diska Lugnare! = Calmer Washing Up (a late nigth advice. – Your washing up needs to be calmer). It is not possible to translate it properly from Swedish to English. Du måste diska lugnare! But it makes perfect sense and most I know… Continue reading Du måste… Diska Lugnare + DR + RR + AR + DB + ED + PR – RB

Not On The Wall VI

Yet an discarded artefact. For being a reference temperature gauge it seems to be working fine (it went to the blue on the dial after a while in the freezer). Status? as new/unused. Please search for: Not On The Wall.

In The Socket

It is yet another discarded artefact. Please see: (Not) On The Wall. I created a new AP and it is in perfect working order, now factory reset and configured accordingly. SSID? It’s called MEDINA-G2 or -G5 depending on what wireless standard you are using. No, you may not know the pass. Is the name co-incidental?… Continue reading In The Socket

Randall The Vandal III

Any of you muddy DJ:s out there, stop right now! Because Randall will crush you. Unknown MC, May 2020 Playing the beats of the streets. Randall, May 2020 Again… it is impossibly hard mixing by: The R, Oh my Lord! On 106.8FM goes without a saying. The Isolation Sessions’ will be something to remember… Continue reading Randall The Vandal III

Stockholm One?

The buildings being constructed in my city right now? Where the he** are the planners, architects, social workers, psychiatrist and artists? Ref. The City. This is work in progress… Sthlm 01/Stockholm One? Surely it is the most catastrophic building in Stockholm to date? This is the reason why I’m spending time with this particular building.… Continue reading Stockholm One?

Fabror Blå III

Fig 1. Fig 2. 1. I can swear that the helicopter was in the shoot, but it is no where to be found*. As always occupied doing professional policing such as traffic monitoring: in order to avoid serious accidents, congestion or given the times possibly upholding the Corona restrictions set in place. 2. To the… Continue reading Fabror Blå III