When The Web Cam Spoke To Me Or Rent Mjöl I Påsen

– Xxxxx, Xxxxx? HELLO! It’s the web camera speaking!
– What?
– Xxxxx, can you please tell the woman sitting in the lobby to call the hotel!
– Sorry, can you repeat that (I’m not used to web cameras addressing me, most definitely not in person and using my first name*)?
– Can you please tell the woman in the lobby to call the hotel?
– OK. Yes, I can.

The lady informed me: “- I’m just waiting for my cab to arrive.”
I answered: “- I’m not an employee, but the web camera asked me just now: to tell you to call the hotel at the designated telephone number.”

The web camera did not give me any further instructions…

What happened to the lady? She left in a designated cab…

2024-01-06, -12 centigrade @02:15:00 – making all kind of new and exciting friends…

* It is infuriatingly annoying, and servile, because in my language we simply do not use them. first names that is.