The 3,5 MM Audio Connector Conspiracy

I happen to know for a fact that it is not one of the non-existing “non-solvable” technological problems that humanity is facing.

It is not the speed limit currently imposed on the human race: 299 792 458 m/s (in our world and our physics – the speed of light is a constant and that is a proven scientific fact. It took 100 years to prove that specific theory, the entire theory by means of empiricism.

The last stand of the philosophical positivists/determinists; alone resiting the quantum, probability and the flux that will follow.

The Copenhagen conference… Bohr and some years later, finally, we succeeded measuring the gravitational waves; by very large machined ‘4 kilometers’ and the most exact lasers we could build…). It took 100 years to prove the purely theoretical physical theory.

– So?
– They keep breaking and an accelerated pace. They last shorter and shorter over decades and it is by design they fail: Failure By Designl, They are Actual Cards and A Tossed Post Card.

I got + 25 addressed personally. They just kept coming until I called them… Systems’ can fail and now you want them to be fully automated and governed by algorithms that you do not even know/understand? That is not a good idea…

– What? I bought it less than 6 months ago in Sala.
– Unnhu?
– It is broken. I need it for my headphones. “Audio-protection”. In order to cancel the noise. It is a standard 3,5 mm audio cable (not the lowest priced, not the highest). It’s mechanically broken after 3 months? How is that even possible? What if during battle?

They all break… they’re designed to do so.