For You… Or What Am I Actually Looking At?

No fur-[1210]th-er comment.

It is, close, it could be kind of how it actually works apart from that I have not “treated” or manipulated this uploaded photo. You can feel it. It is not “real”. Anytime now/yesterday you will not be able to tell the difference (I’m having difficulties). Is it important? I think so…

There’s a song to go along also: For You.

Originally: 3264×2448 px; 1,65MB; ISO 320 then it was a scaled 1200×900 without any filter… currently posted? I don’t know, I can make an educated guess. I do know that it is not the photo/file that I originally posted. That said, I like the new photo as well.

However, and it needs to be stressed I know for a fact that this photo has been manipulated after upload. There’s some kind of harsh “fuzzy” filter applied after I uploaded it. The edges are too soft. My pants, do not look like that in “reality”. The colors have been treated. It is not an actual photo.

If you look at my head, if you look at the silhouette, the outline then… it looks like water color. It is not the original file. My cheek-bone as it were, it doesn’t really look like that. My hand most definitely do not.

Close, yet no cigar… it is a rendering of a photo, my photo… it is digital distress.

Have you used Google maps recently? They are doing the exact same thing in image processing. Rendering from actual (satellite) photographs.

Somehow, they render from 2-D at an angle to 3-D simulated. Like my “self-portrait”. How? I don’t know the details. Algorithms and processing. It’s some kind vectorised image processing.

My jacket’s “camo” is in fact “digital” as in the pattern is pixilated/angular… straight no chaser lines. Then observe the uploaded picture.

GTA esthetics. No, I don’t game (not any longer, long, long time ago). WP apparently do…

The final one is “closer ” to reality as it were… it is not fuzzy. Reflection on steel…