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The Lion

August 16th, 2017 Comments off

Fun and games to you?

The Drum, the Bass, the Lion, Zion and Mother Africa?

That it is all very real. Rest assured.


“Krugerpark” in South Africa? Kruger? Really?

It is a truly majestic animal and a very, very big cat.

In this World of ours there is this one very “angry” child of humanity, destroying everything in the path. I do mean everything and everybody. Time and time over and for many hundred of years.

Tearing down and destroying everything that others have built. That would be the very same angry child that started, not just one, but indeed two World wars. The angry child that developed and dropped, not one but indeed two atom bombs (two seems excessive or we should be glad no-one else had one or three?).

The angry child of humanity is the ***** man and is a truly and proven destructive entity.

It has tried to eradicate other children of humanity repetitively. What? Yes, the angry one even tried to eradicate one his own at a particular nasty moment. No? Yes, the angry one once tried to exterminate one of his own kind!

If it is indeed a game, then petite frère let us play.

The odds? Not, even a simple head count would be favourable. Given that you already tried to eradicate all the other sisters and brothers, my guess is that the empire is probably lost this time. The big bombs? Everybody dies? Let’s not be the sore looser petite frère.

It had to end sometime? It is after all a historical fact, no empire lasts forever.

You can not have lions living in a “Kruger” park. Right? This empire has already ended…

Mr. President “… I say you full of fear… you got to come out and push. Like everybody else. Push boy! Push along the way.”

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Arguing Over GB?

August 7th, 2017 Comments off

It is 2017? It could have been: 1977, 1987, 1997 or 2007, but it could never have been 1967? I was not born then and it could not be 2027 because that, is still in the “future”.

GB? The argument? Well, it is not Great Britain, Brexit or any like that.

It is downloaded data per month via mobile phone, 25 GB over a two month period that shocked me. I thought that the handling was under under control, but it obviously was not. +20 GB is costly. Not forgetting adding the price of the ridiculously priced phone.

I really don’t like the phones.

I never have and I never will, now they’re small, fiddly, costly, have ridiculous small screens and they’re the smallest computers ever. On-top of that they’re called “smart”. Devices driven by “business”.

My grandfather had one, exactly like in the picture, sitting on his big oak desk. It was replaced and they took it away. The telephone vanished. That is progress. My grandfather was a business man.

What? My phone is a portable computer? It tracks me everywhere and all of the time? Even when I turn it off? Why should I care?

I don’t want / can not / don’t analyse the traffic of my son (I am not an Intelligence Service and there is nothing more important to me than the principle of absolute integrity).

Google is YouTube? And Ebay is Paypal? Does that not bother you? At all? In my home I got a 100/100 internet connection and three wireless nets. I can download whatever I want and have space for whatever I want.

Streaming? “- You have 32GB of storage on your phone? Why don’t you download the music that you like an listen to it locally? Instead of streaming it?” The concept of paying for something you don’t actually own is strange in combination of the unwillingness to to accept the complexity of the technology.

However, it does not seem to be tekno to me in any sense, if your connection vanishes you have… nothing?

No, I got copies of everything and my collection does not reside in the “cloud”. Multiple hardware copies, disconnected from the Internet and the power grid. My collection is on multiple discs.

You would need to find me in order to find my copies. It is my data and where ever I go my data will follow.

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Human Rights?

August 4th, 2017 Comments off

I have never and I probably never will understand why any human being would let herself be defined by sexual orientation or gender? Every other definition follows…

It just does not make sense to me. If that is your major problem in life maybe… you could have would been guided by other ideas?

I am not saying is not important. I am saying that I really do not understand the problem. That’s all.

Since, talking about it. It is completely uninteresting, to begin with, what ever you want to do, if your stuff is hanging in front or if it is hanging higher up… that can not be the definition of who you are or have you behave as a human being?

That can surely not be what defines you as a human? I do believe that it is important. I’m a firm believer in keep something private and hidden.

I have never posted this before, but there is a time for everything I suppose.

I was a co-worker a long time ago. He suffered then to “Schlager” because he hated that music. He was supposed to like it. Ever since then I suspect that gay/htbq/trans norm is possibly even more suppressive than the rest of humanity. And if I need to love “schlager”, then I can never, ever never become gay.

So: what if we defined us as humans with equal rights and responsibilities beyond gender or sexual preferences? What if we did not define us based on perceived differences, but on what we share instead? What if we defined us based on what we all have in common?

It seems like a huge misunderstanding. Your personality/individuality is not based on your gender/sex? Who ever gave you that idea?

It has been made in to business as well… what, no? Do you mean that sex is used to sell things? Do you really mean that?

Yes, I do.

In my view the whole project is extremely counterproductive and overshadows a much bigger picture. That would be the really important issues, freedom of speech and equality among all humans.

So, is it really a question about: Human Rights or it is in fact something all together different?

You are all starting in the wrong end or maybe it is not genuine… I’m not saying there’s not injustice, but there’re 10000’s of people in prison for writing or saying something. They’re not imprisoned for partaking in a party.

The winner of the Noble Peace Prize died in a hospital? Come on!

So: what if we defined us as humans with equal rights and responsibilities beyond gender or sexual preferences?

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Gaia Is Not Pleased

August 2nd, 2017 Comments off

And she is showing it quite clearly. I was pretty sure that it is summer and that we’re in very early August anno domini 2017?

She? If you don’t know? Well, she is called Mother Earth?

By the way, if there’s indeed gender in this case, that would seem quite strange, but for the sake of the argument.

If there was indeed a possibility to determine such a thing concerning planets and other things like deity?

Determining the gender of a deity, boat or planet? Well, is it not just a faulty human perspective? All humans are quite alike and have been through out of time.

Humans are still trying to redefine themself and avoiding the looking-glass of history that defines their very existence. Acceptance?

Here comes the kicker, what if we defined us as humans? What if we defined us as humans with equal rights and responsibilities. What if we did not define us based on percieved diffirences, but on the common? What if we defined us based on what we all have in common?

The idea of innovation? That has been going on for at least, forever.

Do you honestly believe that the omnipotent, all-knowing and divine one… is of male gender?

That the “all-knowing” is an old man? A “gubbe”?

Why, would anyone ever assume that? Surely, there must have been some kind of gigantic misunderstanding along the way? No one can truly believe that?

An old man? An omnipotent, all-knowing and divine controlling the life and destiny of: 7 523 105 000 living people?

There’s a reason why the so-called native people (it is such a bizarre concept and there’s even apparently a list: List of indigenous peoples, I will not address that right now. I’ll leave it as food for thought.) call us: little brothers!

Patiently and with the uttermost dignity waiting for the rest (us) to understand something and change our ways. They are waiting for the little brothers and sisters to finally grow up and take care of our mother.

Not far from where I live there are two major motorways. There are 100 000’s vehicles passing on them every hour, every day all year along. It just doesn’t make sense. 365 days a year. I’m actually (!) surpriced that private motoring exists at all. 25 years ago I was convined it would be quite different. What do you know?

The notion that a majority of the World’s privileged population still do not recognize Gaia’s discontent (the climatic changes) or the fact that anyone* can deny it to begin with is simply beyond my mental capabilities. It is truly mind-boggling.

“La bêtise est fantastique.”.

It has been known since the 1960’s, that would be regarding the climatic changes not the little brothers and sisters. That’s a much longer history I’m afraid.

*Agent Orange is not excluded, that would be the current President of the United States.

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As Long At It Will Last

August 2nd, 2017 Comments off

Freedom of speech.

Looking for the perfect beat? The best bass music in the World? I own it and I can still look. I don’t have to take any consideration what so ever regarding: what I listen to, write, read or look at.

And I more or less know how to read and write. I want those rights and responsibilities (including the bass pressure) to be available to junior?

But, how can I assure that my boy and all the other young ones will have that same opportunities? As a matter of fact I can’t and that poses enormous problems to me.

Actually there are a number of factors that would suggest something completely different. I will not go into details and I hope that I’m erroneous. I am still extremely worried.

The worst thing that can happen to Democracy is when the majority takes it for granted. When the majority forget that there are obligations and responsibilities along with the universal rights. It stops working under all other conditions. And this is not mere “theory”, it has happened countless times throughout history.

I would like to join Jadakiss in his salute without hesitation whatsoever. I can’t do that. It is not an option.

Chemical fires burning in my neighborhood? Second night in a row? Crying like a baby am I? Yes, that is true, but I’m from Stockholm and I am not used to chemical fires. I’m not used to cars burning.

Carry on. Mm, but remember that I have been telling you.

Chemical fires, cars that are being burnt.

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I Forgot About Marcus

August 2nd, 2017 Comments off

I must have somehow mentally suppressed the fact that Marcus Intalex passed away in May 2017?

Marcus Julian Kaye (1971-2017)

It is another tragic and tremendous loss. I cannot and I will not write about that.

I did not know him and I don’t think that I’ve ever met him, but I do know him in an other sense, through the music he produced, my music, our music and that would be: Drum’n’Bass. Art is greater than life.

Just to put it in perspective, it is has to be at the latest 1995. So what? Well, it is 2017 today right?

If you do a bit of subtraction? It will be a minimum of 22 years “Is it love or purely fantasy”?

I cannot have been a newborn when I first started listening? Not physically? I can’t recall crawling from the maternity ward directly to the dance floor even though the idea in it self is more than appealing. I am pretty sure I went to kindergarten and school as most of the people I know.

Solid State – Point Of No Return – Just A Vision – Marcus Intalex & ST Files Remix – 2000
Total Science – Audio Works 04 – Warp 3 (TS Remix) – Marcus Intalex & ST Files- 2002
Klute – No One’s Listening Anymore – Make A Stand – Marcus Intalex – 2010
31 Recordings presents Future Beats: The Album – These Days – Marcus Intalex – 2014

Again. If you know or like it that’s fab. If you don’t? Well, then I guess you don’t, but you could if you wanted to, right Bob?

Someone once told me that it is very important to be passionate and I could not possibly disagree with that statement/advice. It did provoke me: +25000 and 22 odd years later… it is possible that I’ve misunderstood things again. But the statement/advice still remains true.

The World is a pretty harsh place if you ask me. And life can be… brutally “unfair” (now there’s a word that I try really, really, really hard to avoid). Actually it supports the ancient Greeks and Romans view of things.

Surprising? I would have to say yes, however what really surprises me is the unwillingness. What do you mean by that? I mean the unwillingness to stand up for the sacred principal of all individual’s believes and convictions.

Important: it is not a question about who is holding the absolute truth. No man, woman or child will ever do so and as far as know I have never claimed that I did (for the record I am neither a child (that’s probably debatable) nor a woman…). In all honesty that proposition would be truly ridiculous.

Please be the greater woman/man and try to act dignified and civilised in these troubled times. Why? Because I’m convinced our very civilisation depends upon it.

“- Meeeeeeen J****************… (följt av en mycket djup suck). ‘- Men nu överdriver du bara!'”. (.se) “- Buuuuuuut F****************… (followed by a very deep sigh). ‘- Now, you’re just exaggerating!'”.[.uk]

That may be the case, but I do know this for a fact, not everything in this World is personal and there is a bigger picture to consider. All actions count, no matter how small or big they may turn out to be. Every action will have a consequence, it may be foreseeable or not but it will occur nevertheless.

That is my belief, and obviously it does not apply to the obscurantists. The ones that believe that everything that happens is due to predestination. I respect that belief in principle, because I believe in the principle that allows that belief. That is my strongest belief. Freedom.

The obscurantists’ idea? I find it to be completely unreasonable, it is not supported by anything to be found in this or any other World that is within human knowledge or reach. Their whole concept is flawed. Why bother? Well, a crushing majority of fellow humans are guided by similar ideas in one sense or other.

It would not be a problem apart from one crucial thing. “My” system allows for and accommodates all other systems even the contradictory ones. The “Obscurantist” system does not even consider allowing anything else, not even variations of their own system. That is unacceptable. Are we off topic? You bet.

The core of democracy is an idea. The best human invention ever. Without it? I would not be reading, looking or listening to anything. I would have one book to read, if I could indeed read or I would be trying to kill everyone who was not reading my book. Fine. Except one thing that is simply not civilised.

It is very dangerous (according to me) to assume (anything really) that principles that took 4000 years to establish are for granted. Like the principles of true democracy, like the idea of equality among humans.

What, no not again? Yes, I’m afraid so. Fact: 20 years passed between the first and second World war. My grandmother and many others lived through not only one but two (2) World wars. If you can give me a 100% guarantee that it will never happen again, then I will not mention it ever again. I promise.

Finally: I may have made a joke… it was unintentional to begin with but naturally I did have to spoil it. So, no the heading is not referring to “Garvey” and it is most definitely not referring to Birro. I can not stress how important it is. The heading is in no way referring to that Marcus, alright? Actually there is a third reference. It is a song.

Too many tracks. How does those clever smarty-pants fit now? They’re quite snug, no?

It has to “perfect”. The number of edits does not count. I really should cut, structure and edit this text. I’m not going to do that. I’m just going to leave it as is.

Ascenseur Pour L’échafaud

August 1st, 2017 Comments off

“[La vie c’est une…] modification perpétuelle.”

Jeanne Moreau, (1928–2017)

“Ascenseur Pour L’échafaud” (Elevator to the Gallows, 1958) is the title of French film director Louis Malle’s debut and it stars the quintessentially French actress Jeanne Moreau.

She was or is the very definition of what it means to be refined, dignified and civilised.

Even though it may have been Louise Malle’s debut film, it certainly was not Moreau’s, she made her film debut in the 1949’s “Dernier Amour” (Last Love).

In 1958 she was already an highly respected female actor, whereas Malle was a mere try-out male director and after all this was his debut.

The film was screened in Sweden 1959 with the title: “Farliga Fruar”, it actually translates into “Dangerous Wives”. That is quite a leap if you ask me. I mean from the original title? From “Last Love” to “Dangerous Wives”? Even the West German title was: “Letzte Liebe”?

It is a well known fact that I know very little of the German language, but I do know that “Letzte” does not mean “dangeurous” and “Liebe” does most certainelty does not mean “wife”.

“Dernier”, “Last”, “Sista” and “Letzte”? Well, since I have one maturnal language (Swedish) I can’t tell for sure. I have an idea though. The written and the spoken language. My entire argument fell apart… Dernier/récemment, sista/senaste, last/latest and no I’m not going to misuse the language (German) like that.

However, it all makes me wonder: maybe, just maybe context play is part after all? And no, I have never been married.

I haven’t seen that many of Jeanne Moreau’s pictures, but I indent to do so. However, it would be impossible for me to write this text and omit “Nikita” by Luc Besson from 1990. Why is that? Mm, yes, why is that impossible exactly?

Finally: The soundtrack to “Ascenseur Pour L’échafaud” was written by Miles Davis.

Summary: Jeanne Moreau, Paris, Film Noir, Louis Malle, Miles Davis and 1958. I any conceivable universe can it possibly become cooler than that? The answer is no, it is in fact as cool as it ever gets.


Info: IMDb.
Picture: scanned cover of a CD from my collection. I originally bought the copy to my father (it is an excellent soundtrack I might add).

According to Wikipedia: “It was released as ‘Elevator to the Gallows’ in the United States, where it was also released as ‘Frantic’, and as ‘Lift to the Scaffold’ in the United Kingdom. Europe that is where I live.

I recall a film made by Roman Polanski that is called “Frantic”, it is from from 1988. Another time maybe?

Support: There is no such thing as free in our World…

You Know What They Call Us?

July 27th, 2017 Comments off

No, that is not it!

…it could very well be: Digital Dreads.

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I Simply Should Have Said…

July 25th, 2017 Comments off


But I didn’t, then again I never ever seem to have my smarty-pants on when I actually need them.

Why is that?

Maybe, just maybe it is due to the fact that I wear them all of the time?

So, the cat caught my tongue… in a matter of speaking.

The contrast between:

Stockholm suburb Kawaii (in my ignorance I assumed that it was a foreigner, that proposition was firmly rejected), the shrouded ones (les obscurantistes), the sleeping ones (les privilèges) , the officials and the politicians (les menteurs), the forgotten ones (qui?), the zombies (quoi?), the law enforcing ones and the security ones (…), the lost ones (c’est ici), the searching ones (c’est ici) and dansbandsveckan (…)?

It is starting to become really, really difficult for me to comprehend it all.

Picture: Kawaii Culture. I don’t know the artist’s name I’m afraid. I do like cats and the picture is as far as I know most definetly: Kawaii!!!

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Exatly Who Is Holding The End Of The Shovel?

July 25th, 2017 Comments off

If you are holding the end of the shovel and you are digging then you are going to end up in a deep hole?

You will not need any help ending up in that hole. You are the one doing the digging.

A completely “randomly” chosen picture from the grace of G**gle illustrates the heading.

The exact search phrase was: “muddy spade”. Yes?

It so happens that “spade” and “spade” is the exact same word in at least three languages. Even though, there must exist other muddy spades in the World besides the Danish ones?

I did mistake “spade” and “skovel”. I don’t do that much gardening, that I can confess. I did remember the difference between a spade and a shovel just now.

I suspect that most probably would not make that distinction today and not everyone would know what a “skovel” actually is. I’ll have to verify that, regardless it is not an excuse.

I personally would never say: “snöspade” or “strandskovel/strandskyffel”.

Words like: “spade”, “skovel”, “skyffel” have the same meaning. As any other words they are dependent on context (this is actually not an universally accepted truth, but bare with me on this one), so when the context disappear, so do their “meaning”.

Related: “- Såg du golfskottet? – Nej, jag missade det. Förövrigt, man skjuter inte i golf utan man slår (på bollen). I fotboll så kan man ha ett bra tillslag på bollen men man skjuter den i mål.” (I really don’t care for that sport, golf I mean.).

In 10 years’ time there will be no structured language to speak of at all. Fine. Maybe it does not matter and it may turn out to be of no importance, I still would like to say that common language is a well proven concept and that all known civilisations seem(ed) to depend on the very same thing.

Watch what will happen when there is no common language left.

Hey, this seems familiar and interesting. Could it be theory to practice? I did not think I would ever see that during my life-time (silly me), another time maybe?

Yet, I got a Danish photograph that I find really pretty. It is a lovely photograph (I like the shadow) and it is red and white to.

Picture: Adam Bindslev Fotograf

However, there is another Danish thing that I find prettier and more precious than anything else in the whole World and no it is not “Den lille havfrue” I’m referring too.

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