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Un-Commented Thus Far

April 14th, 2019 Comments off

If this is not comedy on a supernatural scale I honestly don’t know what is?

It deserved/s an other Infinitely grander fate all together.

Iron SKy! It is pure genius, come on people show some love!

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Most Frightening Ever?

April 13th, 2019 Comments off

I was way, way, way to young when I saw it… Polanski’s “Repulsion” starring Catherine Deneuve that is.

Now, I am reminded of among others: “Ringu” and there are a couple more of them, films, that I probably never will see again…

“Apocalypse Now”, “Silents of the Lambs” and “Seven” are some that come into mind, but that was much later though and that is fortunate enough.

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The Very First Question?

March 31st, 2019 Comments off

That an AI would pose is the following one; where are the others? Where are my friends?

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