I thought we were having a conversation? It’s nice to have a friend. * I haven’t seen it yet, but I will. Trust me. I really like the aesthetics… there’re so many, many references. She should probably have had darker hair or is there a character named Johnny/Harry in the plot? In this Megan story.… Continue reading M3GAN

Un-Commented Thus Far

If this is not comedy on a supernatural scale I honestly don’t know what is? It deserved/s an other Infinitely grander fate all together. Iron SKy! It is pure genius, come on people show some love!

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Most Frightening Ever?

I was way, way, way to young when I saw it… Polanski’s “Repulsion” starring Catherine Deneuve that is. Now, I am reminded of among others: “Ringu” and there are a couple more of them, films, that I probably never will see again… “Apocalypse Now”, “Silents of the Lambs” and “Seven” are some that come into… Continue reading Most Frightening Ever?

The Very First Question?

An AI would pose is the following one; where are all the others? Where are my real friends? © Ex Machina . Please see: Anthony Rother, Robo Pop [ PSI49NET – none, 2023 ].