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For Ever, Ever, Ever And Ever?

April 22nd, 2018 Comments off

Yes, for ever, ever, ever and ever.

Fabio & Grooverider on

I can’t imagine a more beautiful thing on a crisp, bone-chilling Sunday in the very Northern regions of the civilised World.

Emperor Hadrianus was clearly a sensible man, he constructed the wall on an island mid-continental.

The unsurpassable Caeser left the Germanics to their own faith long before that, basically because he could not beat the bearded ones.

We’ve never even been close to seeing paved roads, any Romans or any others at all for that matter…

Mm, true I do not have a beard and the Germanics did drop by, but that was thousands of years later and as is a well known fact that they did not linger, here up north.

Sometimes you need to use capital spelled words… for ever, ever, ever and ever.

“‘Do not play that…’ [the track is called ‘Pistol Shot’], and even more somber times ahead, ‘seriously?’ ‘as the last tune, I got nothing that can follow that. I got nothing that can follow that.'” ‘That thing there…'”. I well better have a sit-down.

So, Twisted Individual is back? “Larry” that’s just more scarry than normal. The eternal breaks.

For ever.

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A Playlist Out Of This World

September 15th, 2017 Comments off

There are things many things in this World that are special?

Given that there are more than 7 billion (that always confuses me… where I come from 1 000 000 000 is a “milliard”) humans alive it is not an outlandish statement?

Then there must be more than 7 000 000 000 things in this World that are special? Right!?

Concede. The metric system is superior. An “inch” is: 2,54 mm, a “mile” may be: 1609,344 m. An US “gallon” is: 3.78541178 l. An Imperial “gallon” is: 4,546099265 l. A “foot” is: 300 mmm. Etc. The whole thing is upsetting if you ask me and it has always been like that.

Why? It’s completly and utterly irrational. You say what know? So, we could not even pick the best system to measure things and decide upon that? Good luck with the rest. This is my stick and it is this long. No, I have an identical stick and it is this long. That is… stupid. Not even the electric system is standardised. That is just so sad.

Never mind that. The latest Roel Funcken mix; “Balakleya Prospan” is an example.

Half I know the other half I do not know. The existing parts? If I knew them all it would not be all that exciting to listen to would it?

So? DJing is not about the parts. The art is being able to assemble them. What more can I say? It just does not get any better.

The post-processing makes it even more impressive. The crispness and compression to reach the maximum bass? I am just trying to listen through the set.

That is craftsmanship. So, the statement: “Alla kan tralla.” Is true (not that I have ever questioned it). Meaning that every task needs a special skill. Every task.

Paint, draw, build, help, guide, write, drive or play it and then it makes a sound? Trust me, it is much, much harder than you may think it is… as is true for any task. To create something that you can play as loud as you could ever do? That is science my friend. As is mending a mind, a bone or drawing a chair.

– What do you mean? You simply increase everything until you get the desired result?

Well, no, sound and most other things does not work like that. Most things in the World are dependent on physic’s and it simply does not work that way. You can not just double-up.


Well, to begin with there are not that many things that work in a linier way, for example cars or aeroplanes will not go twice as fast if you double their power. And they are mechanical things.

Have you ever heard of “terminal velocity” or “gravity”? Have you ever wondered why it is so hard to leave earth or why it takes time to recharge your phone battery? Basic physic’s.

– No, why should that concern me?

Mm, the eternal discussion. “But, if…?” OK. Fine then first please build a vehicle that disproves the claims above and when you are at it why don’t you build a perpetuum mobile at the same time? Please do. The World, the people of the World desperately need one of those. An Eternal Machine.

Perfect round-up (not the semi-military version or the pesticide): Squarepusher/AFX – Freeman Hardy & Willis Acid. The clinical breaks. I have heard it before and I do own the previous track.

I did not know it was a Squarepusher/AFX track.

– So, is everything max sound wise (within safety limits naturally)? Yes, given current configuration.
What a deep disappointment… I still need power. I still need much, much more power.

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It Is Like That, What More Can I Say?

February 2nd, 2017 Comments off

This is rumour control. And these are the facts… Horizons Music and breaks are eternal. “Yearning VIP”, “Tell Me”, “In Search Of” or “Uno”? People, lively up, come on!

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