The One Before Uncle Dugs

Uncle Dugs always gives shouts to the one and only: A Guy Called Gerald!!!? – So what? – That man legend, he is a true champion of the sound! Why would that be at all surprising? – It isn’t. That’s not it. It not the eclectic, uncompromising, and so many decades of experienced styles. –… Continue reading The One Before Uncle Dugs

For Ever, Ever, Ever And Ever?

Yes, for ever, ever, ever and ever. Fabio & Grooverider on I can’t imagine a more beautiful thing on a crisp, bone-chilling Sunday in the very Northern regions of the civilised World. Emperor Hadrianus was clearly a sensible man, he constructed the wall on an island mid-continental. The unsurpassable Caeser left the Germanics to… Continue reading For Ever, Ever, Ever And Ever?