The Plasticity Of A Young Mind/Why Words Are Important

Q: – Do you know what the sentence: “A catastrophic misconception.” means in English? A: – I do (Honestly, I should have stopped/terminated the whole thing right there. It is at least one of the deadly sins right?) Claim: – There is nothing beyond a catastrophe. There is no level that supersedes it and if… Continue reading The Plasticity Of A Young Mind/Why Words Are Important

Helios I

Almighty. Worshipping the Sun makes sense to me. The other stuff? Does not. A man? Any man or woman for that mater, walking this earth and in fact being a God? Honestly? Why would a God have a gender to begin with and if that would be the case surely it would not be male?… Continue reading Helios I

Why Are You?

– Why are you welding the drill rods? I mean why are they not threaded? – It is cheaper. – Why are you constructing a completely new building without a cellar? – It is cheaper. – Why are you? Never mind…

The Last Show?

There is no edit. It is a “none-true” picture. I prefeer the “real” world, Kill the breaks? You are trying to kill the UK-breaks? Sucvsess, picture will be black… Actually I will change it now. You are trying to kill the breaks? Why would you do want to do that? I took a photo and… Continue reading The Last Show?

Tillbaka Igen (II) ?

Är det dem igen? Är det desamma som startade andra världskriget? Är det samma människor som tog min farfars liv? Om så hur är det möjligt? Anti-demokrater? Motståndarna som tycker att våld är en politisk lösning? Alla anti-demokrater gillar ju det, våldet. “Vapenträning”? Det hela är ju mycket imponerande men jag gjorde min “värnplikt” i… Continue reading Tillbaka Igen (II) ?

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When You Know That You Are Indeed Watching The BBC

A Nile Rodgers* interview on HARDtalk. That is brilliant journalism. Being well-informed and asking relevant questions. And maybe most importantly letting the context of discussion have its place. What is the most important factor a candid discussion? well, it is time. A question will always be shorter than the answer… * Nile Rodgers. It is… Continue reading When You Know That You Are Indeed Watching The BBC