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Avskaffa demokratin?

October 25th, 2017

Eh, det kanske inte var den bästa idén.

Maybe… it has to do with something else. Conformity of society? Did yoo just abolish our judiciary system? Why would you want to do that? Why?

No, do carry on. I, a dark old imbecille?

You were young? Wanting to make a carerr… and then a f***** old pervo put his hand down your trowaers? But, you may have been having a agenda then? Wrong? Puclic tribunals? They all ends badly. “Innocent until charged?” What is the next step? Are we going to burn/drown people like we used too?

Are we going to burn people again?

Rember we still love in a cvil state. We have laws and it it is not judgjement bu public tribunal. Personally? I have always dispasied the man. But we ised to live ona democract? Thne man is not even charged with aby crime? Barbaric! Democract died. A man/woman condemd. No trial. no jury. The last pillar of democracy.

I spent to many years in school. Ah, salary souldier? PRO fitgiting over the discarted cans? Din mormor/farmor samlar burkar? Pensionen räcker inte? Worked your entire life?

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