Murphy’s War

In the event that you have not seen this film? Then, I truly believe that you should. I did know an even pair of Murphy’s, a very, very long time ago. Actually it was the very first time I visited the fair London, UK. If there ever was a Shangri La… No, it is not… Continue reading Murphy’s War

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The Future Lost In Parts III Or? Kaeru!

Since it, the future, that is, was actually rediscovered not all that long ago. Temporally the discovery was made after this post was originally submitted of course. Resurface – Kaeru – To Return

Afraid Of The Dark Are We?

In my vicinity. There are people (?) that never turn their lights of… ever. Season doesn’t seem to matter either. Lights burning 24 hours a day and in the summer too. Why would anyone do that? If you’re terrified by darkness then maybe it would make sense. But, at daytime? At high noon in the… Continue reading Afraid Of The Dark Are We?

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I Encounter The Little One

Randomly, among his boys (I did try to behave myslef). “Grabbarna” or “boysen” as the refer to themselves (no not the author, not Karin). An increasingly gender specific interaction it would seem, you might want to ponder upon that fact. Boys and girls. In all honesty, I would not really know (I’m out of age… Continue reading I Encounter The Little One

Party Up

All dressed up? “Up in here?” And no where to go? No, the original plan was early and easy. Yet, “If you don’t want to party? Your *** go to go.”* Then an impossibly long sequence of completely random events occurred and eventually it turned out to be the best night out ever. Ever? Ever!… Continue reading Party Up