La Cité V

Depicted? It is at least a quarter of a block in the inner most city – at the very core of my city and that would be Stockholm. Function? The sole function is to park auto carriages (cars) in the center of the city. Mind you, this was engineered – to funnel traffic into the… Continue reading La Cité V

The Word

As I suspected the “camera-cover-saying”: Ällerbätsch! Turned out to be hard to translate. But, I can say this much; it is Bavarian and it is somewhat cheeky if I interpreted the interpretation correctly. Again, I’m not a German speaking person at all. Languages are truly fascinating things. There’s a lot more to all of them… Continue reading The Word

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The Newcomer

I have to ask what the exact meaning of the camera-cover-saying* is and until I know the correct answer I hope I’m not offending anyone. * I try hard to not use words that I do not know the actual meaning of, but there are so many of them. The restriction (with some exceptions) are… Continue reading The Newcomer

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The Orphans

Who? The orphans? It is the most used computer and the last salvaged one. They where both brutally discarded. To the left (in the picture); my everyday companion and trustworthy HP ProBook 6475b indeed it is the same machine that has the unique feature of having the top grinned down to bear metal. Please see:… Continue reading The Orphans

Please Explain This To Me I

Data protection? The recently passed EU-all-encompassing-laws-on-copyright? That must be adapted (more or less) to the 27 or possibly 28 (that would be the UK…) member states’ National laws? First off, and I want to make this perfectly clear. I am an European citizen. It is true that my birthright happens to be Swedish, but foremost:… Continue reading Please Explain This To Me I

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Spielt Musik (Cassetten) Nach Wunsch Über Das Autoradio

1940 – 1970 A succession of technology breakthroughs Science and technology underwent tremendous development in the 1940s and 1950s, with Philips Research laying the basis for later ground-breaking work in transistors and integrated circuits. The year 1949 saw the introduction of the Philips Synchrocyclotron, enabling research into the treatment of malignant tumors. The company also… Continue reading Spielt Musik (Cassetten) Nach Wunsch Über Das Autoradio


I have read it and it was a gift from my grandmother on my (not 100% sure) 15th birthday (when I indeed had ambitions). I did not give it much thought at the time (I was fifteen or so, I did appreciate the gift) but now when I’m not fifteen any more and my grandmother… Continue reading L’Iliade

Will The Difference Ever Be Understood?

It is something that should be readily understandable and as clear as the most pristine flood water – like in the North. What now? – The simple question is this one: what is the difference between “old-school” and “history”? Primarily, (for me in any event), is musical and I’m confident in my belief that it… Continue reading Will The Difference Ever Be Understood?