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That’s It.

October 25th, 2017 Comments off

I asked the young one. – “What do think that the question to the answer is?”

He smilled and answered “42”?

That’s it. I cannot do this anymore. I am done here.

My litte one? Destroyed me?

BIG confusssion. (I did present the book):

– But, have you actually read the book Have you read “Liftarens guide till galaxaen” that I gave you or is it something you found on Youtube?
– I have read 2/3 of the book.
– Men: “Du sade ’42` – Vet du vem Ford Prefect är?”
– “Yes. ’42’. The answer to all questions?”

That’s it. I am officially retired.

No, I will not engage in anything. Call PRO. I’m done. It is fonished.

The little one said “42”?

Then he said… “Du ska alltid överdriva.” It is actually true.

No son. It is over. My job is over. “42” with a smile, really, seriously?

The little one is 14 years old. 5110 days?

Good luck with all that. You know where I be at.

/* = I have a name fore sure and you know it. No, I am not going to fucking tell you. You will just to work harder. The little one said “42”. Story ends there. Keep looking- Did I just not say? The little one said “42”.

I am out of commission. All I wanted too hug some body and to serve the State.

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The Compressor Is 150 Meters Away?

October 25th, 2017 Comments off

I can hear it. It is low. 80 Hrz. I like it..

I asked Jr: – “Can you actually hear the compressor?” (My sense of smell is just not on par…)

– “Yes, of course I can = what is the matter with you? = Why do you even ask me?”

Naa, they are using a compressor the size of a small bus to power a red machine standing 20 meters tall and making the loudest noise that I have ever heard. The compressor? The background noise? As I said. I have never heard anything like that.

Envis är vi? I have never, never, ever hear something like that. Ever. The ground was shaking of the sound.

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I Do Not Normally Take Photos

October 25th, 2017 Comments off

Ha ha! I lost my phone at home! So, I can’t post the photos. It is true.

The big truck with small trailer, Sweden’s future with plastic bags and the young man from Poland making the loudest noise in the the World.

A 20 meter high red drilling rig on tracks. I have never heard anything make a louder noise ever. It seems to be remotely controlled. And when they start the compressor driving that thing. It is amazing. The compressor (the size of a mini-van) needs to build pressure (I guess). It does so in stages, so it powers up and it powers down. In a rhytmical way.

The drilling rig (is powered by the compressor, so it is fact pneumatic)… I have never heard anything make a louder noise on my entire life. Actually I think he broke it. eventhough he was cooling it with water from a hose. I did signal him to slow down…

It is all documented. But, you all need to see where our (common) World is heading. We? Most of them I used to know were sistuated in Western Europe?

And some of you will get upset.
– What the h**l are you suggesting?
– Calm down. You will get badly fu**ed up and that is a fact.

It is to late now. I am saying that there are children? They are not responsible are they? Let’s save them. How do you know that? I think you know… why I know? You got free will? Choose. At 02:30 I counted 15 from Rumania and I had a hard time counting anything other than teenagers that not necessarily are indeginous.

Nobody. Apart from the eldarely woman that almost got rum over by the tram.

Bla, bla. If you can not see the demografic change? Then I have nothing further to say. In my mind every problam has a solution… you need to recognise the problem to begin with. You are smart people? 15-20 Rumani at Liljeholmen is a part of the problem?

Given that you think it is a problem. I do think is it a huge problem.

I did locate my phone… no worries and no panic.

This is the time of the year when it get really hearse were I live. It gets colder and darker than anywhere else. The climate is just rude. Every year. This weather is rude here.


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All The Little Birds Are Gone?

October 22nd, 2017 Comments off

Does that raise any concern what so ever?

No, of course it doesn’t. What about flies in the house in late October (I have never seen that before)? And eating the flies would be?

Maybe, if you all stopped cutting down every and any tree that you see and left the shrubs alone they might have somewhere to live and they would return (no, I am not talking about the flies…)?

Plenty of cars, rats, beggars, dogs and other assorted people though.

Then again there are no fish in the seas… and what exactly does one of the “great” books say about that again?

Please remind me. I’m old my memory is failing me.

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So Every Girl, Boy, Woman And Man

October 21st, 2017 Comments off

is (pre-destined) born to be an “entrepreneur”?

Everybody inherently want to be famous and in the very bright spotlight?

I strongly object to that notion.

As I indeed object to the “idea” of eternal life.

Heh, are you not bored already? Is there a connection to current religions? Yes, but I’m skipping that part and some others for now.

I am not an entrepreneur and I do not (under any circumstance (I was very close to write a completely different word, Helas, I did not)) want to be in that very bright spotlight. Ever.

So, if you are not an entrepreneur? You are basically f*****?

“Everyday, is a holiday”.

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Newest Thing You Ever Seen Out There

October 21st, 2017 Comments off

Have you ever heard of the One Man Army? OMA? No? Never?

You have never heard about the one man army?

Then you probaly do not know Hadrian’s wall either? The concept is brilliant. It is still there. I want to touch it. Not goign nowere anytime soon. I need to go to Kentucky, US. I promissed I would.

“You’ll cry and tell me that you’re sorry.”

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October 21st, 2017 Comments off

Firstly: this is literally a work in progress and no I do not have empirical evidence to support any of my claims (yet).

Secondly: if Mark Fisher had not taken the disastrous decision (he took his own life… a completely unacceptable behaviour that actually f***** me up even more, as if that was indeed possible. I for one did definitely not think so.).

I probably would not have made this public. I got a new strategy. And it makes sense in some sense. Mind over matter. Theory supersedes everything.

Thirdly: I have been watching (and listening) so long (too long) now. “Overstretch” and “overstay”, if you are familiar with the concepts or if you are not I have written about them.

Fourthly: I would love to go there but it is impossible. Pure barbary going on in that part of the World. The oldest civilisation known to man? At least 5000 years old* and possibly twice as old, it just breaks my heart. Today? I am not setting my foot there. What a misery, what an incredible unfathomable tragedy.

Fifthly: “Acceleration”? Well, the social systems are not linear (capitalism is not an exception, then again there is this book called exactly that). They never were and they never will be. Eventually they will destroy all of humanity. Always.

Sixthly: there is this book called “Accelerando”, an excellent book* by the way. The audionom recommended it to me a very long time ago. So, what, why is that relevant? Well, it is relevant (in my mind (my lil’ sis’ is just going to love that))

I had had the idea about “Acceleration” a long time before. I did have knowledge about the book. However it took me about a decade to actually read it. And the subject is altogether different. It is all about singularity. My concept of “accelartion” does not have anything to do with that.

It is strange. My little sister is the one holding a master’s degree in social sciences (always been a sceptic and yes, you can include economics too). Lil’ sis’ is more than well deserved of course.

The book exists and I needed to comment its existence.

* 5000 years? You do realise that it is 3000 years before BC? Three thousand years before Jesus? There’s nobody living today that can build another one even if they wanted to… what a unfathomable tragedy. Humanity.

* Charles Stross

“You (I) cry and you tell me that you’re sorry.”

Now, that’s pure and proper drum’n’bass for you. That’s strictly no joke bizznizz right there! Wait! How is that remotely related to anything above? The simple and obvious answer is: there is no connection what so ever. I am listening to Fab&Groove while writing this text.

No? Have you read any history books lately or watched a news broadcast on the old “telly”?

The science.

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I Know I Always Said

October 21st, 2017 Comments off

But, little did I know that I was actually (for once) speaking the truth.

What now, again?

Drum’n’bass mate!. You know that Jungle music thingy? What else could it possibly be? Right from the get go till now and beyond.

Fabio & Groove 2017? How excellent is that? it’s (never) not going to stop is it?

My brothers and sisters! Stand up! Bass is eternal and I will be the last man standing. Trust me. Come on!

PS. If you can indeed spot the track featured in the picture then you will get extra points. NB, No, I don’t own a single DAT nor do I own a player. I did own a MD-player, but that was a while ago. Ha ha. ; )

PS. II My categories really do suck.

It Is A Give Away, Honestly

October 20th, 2017 Comments off

Kampen mot den Amerikanska kulturimperialism fortgår, för evigt!

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“Political?” I For One Can Not Even Understand What That Word Means Nowadays

October 20th, 2017 Comments off

What do you mean?

Eg. I mean: “Pessimiat” on Darker Than Black. I did not, however mean the “genius” lesson. Mix and crompress it hard and then listen to the worst possible advive ever. If it is acceptable, then it will function. How smart is that?

Well, overthought, I may not agree with what you are saying, I still have the right to my point of view. That is the very foundation of democrasia. If I lie… you will have to put an argument fourth that, beyond that of an ape (no ofens to the few apes that are actually in existence.). Democracy is very fragile.

What is your point? Do you truly believe that you are living in a democracy?

Are you being really honest now? Are you perfectably sure? That you know, I mean?

2017? You are 14 year old? How many lies need to be told?

“Men and women are equal” = true
“Women and men are identical.” not true
“Humans are equal.”

You lot have it got it all wrong. Grown up humans (adults) are equal. They (elders, yes it is a “rationalist” and “positivist” argument. That being said… “gendre” is so assypnglgy boring. “Attraction” and “Sex” the are a mystery? Personally? No, I don’t belive so. )

heir view of a politician or their faith in democracy? They are not less inteligent? You can not say that! I just did.

Allmänmänskligt värde? Du känner till min politiska ståndpunkt? Om alla människor är lika värda? HTBPPQGRSA och resten behövs inte? Eller? Du är en människa och du har samma rättigheter som alla andra människor! Varför är det så svårt att förstå?

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