Not On The Wall XVIII

Yet an discarded object. Cassette/MD/CD-combined player made by Sony?

What is a Cassette, MD (Mini-Disc) or a CD (Compact Disc) to begin with?

Let me tell you about… No. If you don’t know your history you will not know your… in my own life-time.

What? I have never played this before and I have another one in the collection. They’re Mini-Discs… the machine was missing. I used to have one a long time ago.

Various ‎– MD2. It is a Mini-Disc and I made it work.

n5MD will give you some perspective… n5MD.

And it seem like I have to pick the CMT-DC500MD apart since it does not want to eject it and order to extract<: Various ‎– MD2 it would have to... every small step counts... It is being played for the first time ever... the artists' on this compilation saved my life. I thought... the breaks were lost for ever and I looked everywhere I could think of, I almost died.

  1. Cenik – Oepsch 5:43
  2. Lusine Icl* – Don’t Interfere 6:53
  3. Lexaunculpt – The Conversation Gone Awry 3:00
  4. Tim Koch – Poly800vs6581 5:20
  5. Jvox – Cadona 3:28
  6. Eaven – Jethom 7:10
  7. Proem – Laid Back Off 4:41
  8. Quench (3) – Nurture 6:51
  9. Spark – Array 5:17
  10. Endorphins – Epilogue 7:59
  11. Funckarma – Nn 7:09
  12. Vcam – Bild/Gelmxc

    And Gaia Live! The Spongeboy & Tench show on the old intranet. Around the millennium change…