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De-construction I

If you are an existentialist and you truly believe that you as an individual is responsible for your own actions, that the consequences of your actions have a profound impact on everything, that they influence the World and more significantly the people (humans) surrounding you, as I truly do.

Then, logically, sooner or later you have to suffer the consequences of your own actions.

However, I’ve been blessed, because I had a father that championed that precise idea beyond the extreme.

My father told me:

“All that I want [in life] is for You to exceed me!”

I am indeed my father’s (Darth Vader = Dark Father) son and I will/do/demand/want the very exact same thing.

Photo: Monika Pavlovic

Bvd Of Broken Dreams

Due to a large number of reasons (including tremendous loss, unbelievable actually) I happen to know this for a fact.

But don’t despair! There will always be culture and as long as there is culture and art, there will be… life!

Picturing the back rubber cover of my used to be trustworthy: 1TB – Time Capsule – A1254 – Generation 1.

It was fastened to the back with an industrial strength type of glue that made it impossible to remove without destroying it, the cover that is. Did I try to heat the surface in order to facilitate the removal? Yes, I did try that.

The casing is in its turn secured with 8 till 10 screws. It was dissembled/reassembled and is in perfect working order (without the rubber cover though…). It would appear at least to me that it contained standard components, besides the fact that the actual disk was unusually configured.

Reason? Until just recently it was residing on my private network as a as it where a “shared disk”. Then completely out of the blue – it was no longer a shared disk, it was no longer a part of the family. In fact due to SMBv1 it was not longer accesible at all. It was a sad day for my private network. A very sad day indeed.

On the upside. I did finally setup my two + one wifi + 8-port switch network configuration properly.

Oh, yes I have reason to beleive that it is actually working now, no ad-hoc or mysterious bridging. Simply two ol’ DHCP enabled routers sharing and caring on the network (in theory).

Conflicting Emotions

East or West? Crips or Blood?

The love of my life did not like that I dressed in blue. It is true that it is a very long time ago, it was very serious nevertheless, I still like the color blue, and I like red as much as that I like blue…

East or West? Crips or Bloods? However, the Wu, RZA, ODB and DJ Premier would be the decider? In reality it is or never never was a contest. It was settled a long time ago.

“Bobby Digital” is from 1998 and “Dre 2001” is from 1999. Wu-tang for ever? Unfortunately I am unable to confirm it and that is for an eternity.

Purple Not Rain

Earlier in the same day, the location is close by, the rain hadn’t started yet (these are the actual colors my camera produced, there’s no filtering. Why? I haven’t the faintest idea.).

You Say What Now?

– Develop tools for performance testing and resilience testing/chaos engineering – Analyse non-functional system design and behaviour – Define performance requirements – Support development teams as they build performance tests and set up reporting – Identify failure modes and scalability issues and provide input to architecture to resolve issues