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Various Artists, One Point Two [Rednetic – RN012, 2007]

August 10th, 2007 Comments off

one_point_twoOne Point Two is the most natural name for the sequel of the first Rednetic compilation One Point (you guessed it) One that saw the light if day in 2004 and was the second release ever on this not that old thriving yet successful label. There’s little point in denying it this compilation is very good and if it has any shortcomings they’re surely down to musical preferences and nothing else. The opening track Queasy by affiliated artist Mint of Boltfish fame and it’s the perfect lush opening for a 14-track session of contemporary electronics. Queasy strikes me as quite an unusual track for being Mint masterminding it somewhat less nice than his regular output. Boc Scadet’s She Spoke of the Sky is another emotive high-tech production by Boc Scadet and it’s not hard to understand how this track ended up on the One Point Two compilation. Polestar’s Retro Future is brilliant with warm lush sounds submerging the sonic picture as they are contrasted with crisp beats and plenty of forward motion a simply seminal piece of music. Zainetica’s Awaken track is classic Zainetica material and the bubbly bassline would grace any open-minded dance floor and the musical references are as vast as is the undeniable talent held by this artist. Cheju’s Hubl holds all the characteristics of a Cheju track apart from the bassline that is decidedly more 80′ like than I’ve ever heard before. Not necessarily a bad thing, but it definitely a different approach for being Cheju. Vizier of Damascus’ Murmurs is anything and everything you would expect from Vizier of Damascus a great ambient track with an edge and the rhythmic work on Murmurs is excellent. However the track’s playing time is too short, weighing in at 03:12 it is much too short. The eleventh track Harajuku is an interesting collaboration between Joseph Auer and household name Lackluster. Actually it seems to be a remix by the ever so productive Lackluster, so I guess it should read something like Joseph Auer Harajuku (Lackluster Pitchmix). And as it turns out it was originally named Harajuku Rain and is taken from his Kyoto Tokyo 2001 EP released in 2004 on the very same label. In the remix Lackluster is opting for the big bass and the slow beats in this summery roller keep the bass heavy and the beats kind of hollow, ya’ll feelin’ it? Joseph Auer’s Probes off Io has all the qualities and the unmistakable sounds of any J.Auer track. It is a solid slab of Americana being served by the artist. Complete with lush strings and forward moving beats in perfect harmony. Superb production and another piece of fine music signed J.Auer. Inigo Kennedy’s Faraway Towns has a melancholy struck melody, crisp beats and massive amounts of bass. It is an unforgiving slightly distorted bassline that is a monster. In Faraway Towns you get the sweet with the rough in a brilliant way. You’ve been warned so watch those bassbins! Sunosis’ Leap is the last track on the compilation and it is taken from the lovely Warmed EP released (and reviewed) on Rednetic earlier this year. In conclusion: One Point Two – More Digital Listening Music from Rednetic (as the full title reads) is a definite show of force by Rednetic and a welcome as it is refreshing collection of tracks that rely on electronics rather than acoustic instruments in what seems to be an unstoppable wave of acoustic releases the past year or so. After all this is the E-desert!

Sunosis, Warmed [Rednetic – RN011, 2007]

April 6th, 2007 Comments off

rn011_sunosis_warmedExcellent beat laden release from Sunosis on Rednetic. After the all out Jungle affair of Tommi Bassi on “Tommi Bass Presents Tommi Labs Volume One” Rednetic releases a melodic, rich in sound and heavy in bass mini-album. It’s enjoyable from the first track to the last. Solid beats and basslines ensure that the heat is kept up and the seven tracks move forward effortlessly and with much panache. To sum it all up: another excellent release by Rednetic.

Tommi Bass, Tommi Bass Presents Tommi Labs Volume One [Rednetic – RN010, 2006]

October 18th, 2006 Comments off

tommibass_tommilabsAfter the stunning RN009 by Inigo Kennedy the time has come for RN010. Once again Rednetic are taking that slightly different musical orientation than they’ve done previously, namely down the good ol’ drum and bass path. In likeness with the “Invaders EP” by Scorn-Fury the Tommi Bass full-length album “Tommi Labs Volume One” is filled with jungle and drum’n’bass references and tracks. Actually we can skip the references part all together, this is pretty much a full on jungle story. Vocal samples and dance floor mayhem included, so where Scorn-Fury left 50% for something else than the dance floor, Tommi Bass gives the full 100%. It’s quite traditionally sounding stuff, but modern production techniques have made wonders for the genre and one thing is impossible to miss and that is the love for the music displayed by TB. The Rednetic label continues to explore and release music and the latest release exactly fits the epithet: “The subtle marriage of the adventurous with the accessible” that was cornered by the mighty International DJ magazine.

Inigo Kennedy, Transaction [Rednetic – RN009, 2006]

August 19th, 2006 Comments off

inigo_kennedy_transactionA fluke encounter leading up to a brilliant release, this mini-album stretching seven tracks long is filled with superb production exemplifying: melodic electronic music with grit. The balance between the pure bliss of harmony, lovely constructed melodies and the straight-forward, as compelling as they are convincing beats all deeply rooted on the other side of the Atlantic ocean meaning the motor city! Don’t make the mistake, these seven tracks are as good as it gets, contemporary electronic music with warmth, bass and production reaching for the higher ground. In all honesty there’s only one criticism to put forward regarding this release and that is the actual count of tracks… seven tracks is far to few. It’s about five tracks short given the Compact Disc format, but then again I wouldn’t be surprised if Inigo Kennedy returns to Rednetic in the near future. And I for one surely hope so and I might add the sooner the better. What ever you do get this release immediately and you will not be disappointed!

Mint, Out of Context [Rednetic – RN008, 2006]

May 24th, 2006 Comments off

mint_out_of_context“Out of Context” sees Mint debuting on Rednetic Recordings and in that sense the title is grossly misleading, because the seven tracks enclosed on the EP fits Rednetic like snug driving glove. Mint delivers eigth tracks of his trademarked high-quality sounding productions, not lacking much in the beats department and with beautiful warm melodies filled as is usually the case with any given Mint release. The last and seventh track is a hip-hop fuelled remix by the to me unknown Neytoda and it ends the “Out of Context” EP in a somewhat different mood than it was started in. It’s another excellent release on Rednetic and the first and probably not the last deliverance by Mint!

Scorn-Fury, Invaders [Rednetic – RN007, 2005]

February 25th, 2006 Comments off

rn007_scorn_fury_invaders“Invaders” by Scorn-Fury sees Rednetic taking a slightly different musical orientation than previously, namely down the good ol’ drum and bass path. “Invaders” is a 4 track EP with plentiful of beats apart from the opening track “Dark Cults of Evil” that rely on vocal sample, heavily synthesized sounds and a lonely stab. “Invaders” bearing the EP’s title is a classic take on drum’n’bass and given you like the way it used to sound (and apparently still can) you will not be disappointed. “Snowflakes” is excellent, with nervous and very electronic sounding elements (when I come to think of it almost devoid of beats, so much for the introductory statement made above) and its perceived simplicity is just brilliant. “Kages” ends the EP in style and share all the characteristics of “Invaders”. This is another fine effort by Rednetic this time aimed 50% or more towards the dance floor.

Vizier of Damascus, Badshahi [Rednetic – RN006, 2005]

February 25th, 2006 Comments off

vizier_of_damascus_badshahi“Badshahi” is the title of an excellent release and debut from “Vizier of Damascus” on Rednetic (OCT 2005). This release also holds an eerie actuality related to recent events regarding subjects like tolerance, respect and freedom of speech and the confusion surrounding them in the World of today. “Badshahi” is filled with Middle Eastern / Arabic influences creating a thoroughly beautiful and thoughtful album stretching nine songs long. The album starts off with the vocoderized introduction “Lectures” immediately setting the mood (the only thing missing really is a transcript of the text, but then again it heightens the overall mystical feeling in an effective way to say the least.) “Badshahi” is set in down-tempo mode and features tracks based on stunning soundscapes and atmosphere. As with any good piece of music a written account just doesn’t do it justice. This album comes highly recommended and you should investigate it now!

Cheju, Bubble Wrap [Rednetic – RN004, 2005]

August 26th, 2005 Comments off

cheju_bubblewrapRednetic is Zainetica’s very own label and a part from his own productions you’ll find some of the usual suspects among the releasing artists: Cheju being one of them. “Bubble Wrap” is the fourth rednetic release and the first track is entitled “U-bahn” is set in hip-hop mode the crisp beats and the well-defined handclap are contrasted with washes of synthesised sound. “Bubble Wrap” does indeed contain bubbly beats and has a subtle tempo shift that would cause any open-minded dancefloor going into frenzy. Would most likely work as a charm in a live setting as well. “Valencia” is an excellent piece of electronic music and demonstrates with clarity just how talented Cheju really is: the superb beats’ programming, very nice melody and deep bass make a very powerful track indeed, instant repeat is the remedy. Finishing the “Bubble Wrap” EP is “Disaster Recovery” and it lifts the EP from the depths of a wondering bass to a lighter state. Top-quality as always from Cheju and being released on Zainetica’s label… do I really need to say more?