Vizier of Damascus, Badshahi [Rednetic – RN006, 2005]

vizier_of_damascus_badshahi“Badshahi” is the title of an excellent release and debut from “Vizier of Damascus” on Rednetic (OCT 2005). This release also holds an eerie actuality related to recent events regarding subjects like tolerance, respect and freedom of speech and the confusion surrounding them in the World of today. “Badshahi” is filled with Middle Eastern / Arabic influences creating a thoroughly beautiful and thoughtful album stretching nine songs long. The album starts off with the vocoderized introduction “Lectures” immediately setting the mood (the only thing missing really is a transcript of the text, but then again it heightens the overall mystical feeling in an effective way to say the least.) “Badshahi” is set in down-tempo mode and features tracks based on stunning soundscapes and atmosphere. As with any good piece of music a written account just doesn’t do it justice. This album comes highly recommended and you should investigate it now!