Scorn-Fury, Invaders [Rednetic – RN007, 2005]

rn007_scorn_fury_invaders“Invaders” by Scorn-Fury sees Rednetic taking a slightly different musical orientation than previously, namely down the good ol’ drum and bass path. “Invaders” is a 4 track EP with plentiful of beats apart from the opening track “Dark Cults of Evil” that rely on vocal sample, heavily synthesized sounds and a lonely stab. “Invaders” bearing the EP’s title is a classic take on drum’n’bass and given you like the way it used to sound (and apparently still can) you will not be disappointed. “Snowflakes” is excellent, with nervous and very electronic sounding elements (when I come to think of it almost devoid of beats, so much for the introductory statement made above) and its perceived simplicity is just brilliant. “Kages” ends the EP in style and share all the characteristics of “Invaders”. This is another fine effort by Rednetic this time aimed 50% or more towards the dance floor.