Mescalinaeden/Eventless Plot, October/Artificial Embrace [Gracetone – GRACE01, 2005]

mescalina500The first release from the Greek label Gracetone Recordings is a split 7-inch featuring the artists: Mescalinaeden and Eventless Plot. “October” by Mescalinaeden is a sinister sounding piece with metallic slightly distorted beats and some reversed sound engineering, sound wise similar to grossly underrated Seefeel. “October” is very good stuff indeed. “Artificial Embrace” is Eventless Plot’s debut release and relies heavily on processed guitars virtually beatless to start with and most definitely down-tempo. It’s a haunting track that evolves slowly. The track is ended by the surprising addition of distorted and rough breakbeats, quite cinematic in its setting and somewhat freighting. Last but not least another good track. The format, matching handcrafted artwork and website are all nicely put together. Congratulations to Gracetone Recordings on their first release are in order and it will be interesting to see what the future releases will sound like.