Lackluster, What You Want Isn’t What You Need [New Speak – NSPK008, 2005]

nspk08_lackluster_what_you_“What You Want Isn’t What You Need” is the title of Lackluster’s full-length release on New Speak and by the looks of it is also possibly the last New Speak release ever! On the album Lackluster has searched his extensive archives and comes up with 10 tracks produced during the years 1996 – 2006. His +3 hour live extravaganza at New Speak for Beginners 3 the 29th October 2005 demonstrated just how extensive this archive is with the outmost clarity. And as you would expect from Lackluster and New Speak it’s a collection of high-quality electronic music that is contained on the album. Ranging from down tempo to up-tempo, with house-influences and without, all in all generally beautiful and well-produced electronic music. Actually the first New Speak release Ola Bergman’s “The Great Family Hotel” coincided with the first ever ED-event and if this really is the eight and last New Speak release, they’re already sorely missed!