Lackluster, Aeration EP [TwoCircles Records – [ [2circlesNet002], 2009]

Lackluster, what can one say? This entity (human) embodies the very essence of what contemporary electronic music is all about. This human has been producing music of the highest quality imaginable for a decade (that’s more than 10 years mind you) and possibly even longer, it is impressing to say the least and even more… Continue reading Lackluster, Aeration EP [TwoCircles Records – [ [2circlesNet002], 2009]

Lackluster, What You Want Isn’t What You Need [New Speak – NSPK008, 2005]

“What You Want Isn’t What You Need” is the title of Lackluster’s full-length release on New Speak and by the looks of it is also possibly the last New Speak release ever! On the album Lackluster has searched his extensive archives and comes up with 10 tracks produced during the years 1996 – 2006. His… Continue reading Lackluster, What You Want Isn’t What You Need [New Speak – NSPK008, 2005]

Lackluster, Showcase [Merck – MERCK015, 2003]

A more than aptly named album by the Lackluster and don’t get it wrong this is a share show of force. There’re 19 tracks ranging from world class electronica, to old-school sounding electronics and beyond. In the warm melodic vein of things the number two “LL7 01/10/00”, number fifteen “mes 19/10/99” and number sixteen “11/11/99”… Continue reading Lackluster, Showcase [Merck – MERCK015, 2003]

Lackluster, Wrapping [Defocus – FOC369, 2002]

Some beautiful pieces of music that the accomplished Lackluster has put together on “Wrapping” the latest full-length delivered by him. One of the last releases if not the very last release on the reportedly terminated defocus label, who brought us among other things last year’s brilliant “Enveloped” album by Esem, the awesome “Ikae” 12-inch by… Continue reading Lackluster, Wrapping [Defocus – FOC369, 2002]