Esem, Serial Human [Merck – MERCK014, 2003]

The second full-lenght album produced by the talented Esem and released by Merck. “Serial Human” is decidedly more up-tempo than the last album (Enveloped reviewed in 2002), drawing heavily on techno, house and especially electro without becoming generic whatsoever. The twelve tracks on “Serial Human” displays a darker and more intense musical side of Esem… Continue reading Esem, Serial Human [Merck – MERCK014, 2003]

Adam Johnson, Chigliak [Merck – MERCK016, 2003]

Although he’s already had some releases Mr Johnson’s music was completely unknown to me until I received my copy of ON Records compilation 002 and heard his excellent contribution “Boungy”. I’ve been waiting for his first full-length release for some time now and finally here it is. The 16 track CD is entitled “Chigliak and… Continue reading Adam Johnson, Chigliak [Merck – MERCK016, 2003]

Lackluster, Showcase [Merck – MERCK015, 2003]

A more than aptly named album by the Lackluster and don’t get it wrong this is a share show of force. There’re 19 tracks ranging from world class electronica, to old-school sounding electronics and beyond. In the warm melodic vein of things the number two “LL7 01/10/00”, number fifteen “mes 19/10/99” and number sixteen “11/11/99”… Continue reading Lackluster, Showcase [Merck – MERCK015, 2003]

Frank and Bill, Ma0x [Merck – MERCK FB, 2003]

The duo is adding to their release list with this second release, the first ever was naturally “Viva Fab!” as FAB on our very own Electronic Desert Recordings. They also appear on the newly released (Feb 2003) compilation CD Sand Waves Sector One also on Electronic Desert Recordings. Solid beats, nicely played bassline and a… Continue reading Frank and Bill, Ma0x [Merck – MERCK FB, 2003]

Various Artists, MD2 [Merck – MD2, 2002]

Five tracks by as many artists on Merck originally released on n5MD as a part of the MD2 compilation. Featured artists are: Proem, L’usine ICL, Jvox, Tim Koch and Spark “Laid back off” by Proem features his cut-up treatment and some interesting choices in sounds, creating a dubby feeling to this track and beats are… Continue reading Various Artists, MD2 [Merck – MD2, 2002]

Proem, 2 = 1 [Merck – PM, 2002]

2 = 1 features six tracks by Proem and is released on Merck. Two of the songs are taken form his full-length albums “Negative”, two other are taken from his n5md release “Among Others” and two are new. “Binary+bored” is besides being cleverly named a beatless intro and a track with haunting sounds and plenty… Continue reading Proem, 2 = 1 [Merck – PM, 2002]