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Frank and Bill, Ma0x [Merck – MERCK FB, 2003]

February 9th, 2003

fab_ma0xThe duo is adding to their release list with this second release, the first ever was naturally “Viva Fab!” as FAB on our very own Electronic Desert Recordings. They also appear on the newly released (Feb 2003) compilation CD Sand Waves Sector One also on Electronic Desert Recordings. Solid beats, nicely played bassline and a playful melody starts of this Frank and Bill 7-inch. The opening track “MA01” is followed by MA02’s simply excellent rhythmic compositions fused with expertly chosen sounds, creating a fantastic and forward moving track. “MA03” features more solid rhythmic constructions alongside tremendous basslines and very nice melody on top. The track auto-deconstructs itself and reassembles again and yes it is fantastic! The final and fourth track MA04 contains high-octane beats and a melody with toy like characteristics and ends this beautiful 7-inch delivered by Frank and Bill and released by high-quality label Merck. The actual order of the songs on the 7-inch is different from the order that is presented in this review, but well-informed sources claim that in order to maximize the listening experience the songs should be played according to their numbering… and who am I to argue with that?

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