Cheju, Bubble Wrap [Rednetic – RN004, 2005]

cheju_bubblewrapRednetic is Zainetica’s very own label and a part from his own productions you’ll find some of the usual suspects among the releasing artists: Cheju being one of them. “Bubble Wrap” is the fourth rednetic release and the first track is entitled “U-bahn” is set in hip-hop mode the crisp beats and the well-defined handclap are contrasted with washes of synthesised sound. “Bubble Wrap” does indeed contain bubbly beats and has a subtle tempo shift that would cause any open-minded dancefloor going into frenzy. Would most likely work as a charm in a live setting as well. “Valencia” is an excellent piece of electronic music and demonstrates with clarity just how talented Cheju really is: the superb beats’ programming, very nice melody and deep bass make a very powerful track indeed, instant repeat is the remedy. Finishing the “Bubble Wrap” EP is “Disaster Recovery” and it lifts the EP from the depths of a wondering bass to a lighter state. Top-quality as always from Cheju and being released on Zainetica’s label… do I really need to say more?