Cheju, Forked Mountain EP [October Man Recordings – OCTOBER MAN 6, 2005]

cheju_forked_mountainOctober Man Recordings (OMR) brings you “Forked Mountain EP” a collection of four electronic tracks by Cheju. The musical signature is clear and the warm, beat-filled melody intense music that is Cheju’s signature is present on this release as well. “Bitumen” and “Certain Ruin” quite fast-paced with a dash of electro added. “Shibuya (Section Mix)” got some slightly distorted beats and strong melody fused with strings for great contrast. This track was also incorporated on the Afterglow EP bearing catalogue number 2. “Forked Mountain” massive string-like melody and gently progressing beats has a subtle sadness to it, the beautiful kind. “Forked Mountain” is the 6th ultra limited release from OMR.