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Blindfold, Untitled [Resonant – RESCD013, 2005]

August 26th, 2005

blindfoldcdThe first contact with the Resonant label for Electronic Desert was made through the excellent “Flares” album by Port-royal. Resonant is among other things a label that has turned out to have a ambitious release schedule to say the least, since the review of “Flares” (May 2005) they’ve had not one but four subsequent releases. Blindfold being the first one of the four. These releases also make Resonant’s contour less fuzzy for a novice, such as myself, to their overall sound. Blindfold is the first out of the last four releases and the untitled album is filled to the brim with gentle guitar based vocal songs. All produced with a delicate touch and sense of detail. The attention to detail is also found in the packaging and the Resonant label as a whole for that matter.

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