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Ölvis, The Blue Sound [Resonant – RESCD014, 2005]

August 26th, 2005

olvis-bluesound“The Blue Sound” by Ölvis has somewhat of late 60’s and early 70’s feeling to it, complete with string arrangements, straight-forward drums, quite jazzy and always accompanied by acoustic guitar and vocals. It would fit the bill in any stylish movie of that time area, not an intense car-chase scene however. Clearly retro albeit production techniques and sound. They’re all very much 21st century. In likeness with the release preceding it Blindfold’s untitled full-length album “The Blue Sound” is filled to the brim with gentle guitar based vocal songs. All produced with a delicate touch and sense of detail. The attention to detail is also found in the packaging and the Resonant label as a whole for that matter.

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