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Brilliant Tracks, Brilliant Design And A Brilliant Name!

May 24th, 2017 Comments off

Excellent, brilliant electro, in the purist way and from a “known” source.

“Obergman” and the way it is put together?

Surely, it can’t be anyone other than Ola Bergman? The Swedish producer and graphic designer?

Probably, the correct order is the opposite. I suspect that he his actually a music producing graphic designer rather than the other way around.

I’m not entirely sure if you actually have to make that distinction or what that really means.

All I can say is that if the music sounds like it does what do you think the graphics look like? And vice versa…

I am really not the one to make wagers (no really, I’m not), I actually in principle never engage in any kind of wager. However, I’m 100% sure that O. Bergman has indeed designed the “Quantum Eraser” cover.

I don’t know the exact meaning of the title, but I can guess (I guess we all can?). The “Brilliant Name” is reference to? Apart from the title you mean? Yes. That would be the label name: “Brokntoys”? What? Come on, that’s simply a… brilliant name. The kind of name that will make you slightly jalouse, I mean jealous.

The whole thing is just excellent and if you ever needed an argument, explanation or answer to the question: how much electro is enough? It has been answered again.

Excellent, excellent magical and timeless stuff. Singing machines, machines that sing.

Ola Bergman, Quizzical – Issue 1 [New Speak – NSPK009A, 2011]

August 5th, 2011 Comments off

An intriguing new release and solid record (some pun intended) out on New Speak by the founder and owner Ola Bergman. The label was activated the same year as Electronic Desert and that would be Anno Domini 2002 (wait a year and it’ll be an even move of ten). The latest New Speak recording was 2009’s ‘Recast’ CD compilation featuring an array of talented electronic musicians.

‘Quizzical’ is actually a two part album and this is indicated by the first part’s subtitle ‘issue 1’. The four-track 12-inch has an equal distribution of tracks and makes for an enjoyable meeting with Ola Bergman’s musical world. And it is in every aspect an electrofied, heavily analogue, melodic and danceable encounter.

The opening track ‘Fearcast’ (which simply must be a play with words of the 2005 ‘Forecast’ release and track) is a piece of well-crafted, slightly nostalgic and all around nice sounding music. The drum machine on ‘Radiosonde’ is as solid as it has got pedigree and it is accompanied by a gentle melody, yet it still manages to be a definite dance floor adept. The B-side features ‘Pollination’ and ‘Crescent Nebula’ and both the tracks are sound wise more steadily focused on the shores of America rather than Europe. ‘Pollination’ also incorporates processed vocal elements.

‘Quizzical’ is another top quality release on New Speak and if you like New Speak and Ola Bergman’s music I strongly suggest you get a copy fast. The release is limited to 100 hand printed copies and they will not last.

Ola Bergman, The Satellite City [New Speak – NSPK007, 2005]

September 1st, 2005 Comments off

Oh man is this ever a good idea! Ola Bergman’s “The Satellite City” is a digital summary of his more or less hard to come by 12-inch New Speak vinyl singles. New Speak of course being his very own prolific label (this CD release surely already has watered the mouths of the filesharing community outthere). Apart from the awesome collection of tracks that the singles themselves form. You also get some never heard before tarcks directly from Mr Bergman’s spacious bag of musical tricks. For example the excellent “Fivecast” and complete with analouge bassline and amplitude of athmosphere or the Kraftwerk hommage “No Policy” or the exceedingly beautiful “Otra Vuelta”. The 14 tracks also demonstrates another fact in a very clear and concise way and that is the musical development that has taken place. The very same fact that has also demonstrated itself on numerous occasions in the recent live performances made by the artist in question. The dance floor is getting closer and closer (it’s true that it has never been all that far away, but bare with me here…) and the beats getting rougher by the minute, yet always firmly grounded in the electro soil. Having said that it is of paramaount importance to me to point out that Bergman’s electro-based forward moving electronics are truly unique and defying categorisation in the most effective of ways. In conclusion: no matter if you already know or if you simply want to know what all the fuss is about I strongly suggest that you get a copy of “The Satellite City” an outstanding collection of modern electronic classics!

Ola Bergman, Pseudocarp [New Speak – NSPK003, 2003]

October 27th, 2003 Comments off

ob_pseudocarpAfter the delightful second release courtesy of Bauri, who will be performing live at ED109 by the way, New Speak presents the third instalment “Pseudocarp” by Ola Bergman. However, by the time this review gets posted it is most likely already sold out, but any efforts to obtain a copy will be worthwhile! Actually I saw some copies at Snickars records store in Stockholm just this past week (Oct 2003). There’re five tracks on the nicely package 12-inch starting off with “Pseudocarp” and its brilliantly programmed beats and sound choices for melody all held together with just the right amount of melancholy. “Limma”, downplayed and cunningly constructed beats and bass follow it. Third track on the first side or “Here” as it is written on the centre label is “Snake Meadows” an electro influenced track which has quite a temper, beginning with an intro and straightforward handclap it evolves into a veritable monster, apparently a very well liked monster at that, by all the positive reviews it has got. As you may or may not know it is included on Electronic Desert Recordings’ very first compilation “Sandwaves” released in Feb 2003. A growing number of the 13 tracks from our compilation are getting released elsewhere, which is great fun! “Vulture’s End” displays the raw talent of Mr Bergman in an unmistakable way in this electro infused treat, filled with atmosphere and high paced rhythmic elements. The trademarked Bergmanian take on electronica is devastatingly effective and very beautiful. “Cypsela” takes the tempo down a notch or two and delivers deep bass fused with light treading beats and an amplitude of strings alongside the backbone of the song – the sweetest of melodies riding along perfectly. You just want to hear it over and over again. New Speak keeps delivering the goods and by the look of it there’s an audience as well, I know I am anyhow. Buy this release before it’s to late…

Ola Bergman, The Great Family Hotel [New Speak – NSPK001, 2002]

November 26th, 2002 Comments off

ob_the_great_family_hotelThe first release on New Speak Records is the 12″ “The Great Family Hotel” by talented Ola Bergman. With one previous release under his belt, the acclaimed Geiom split 05/06 12″ on Smak his latest released work shows great maturity. There’re blissful melodies and straightforward drum programming throughout the six track EP. Noticeable are the clear electro influences contained in the productions however far from falling into the category itself. Nice stuff! Mr. Bergman is also an apt live performer which he has demonstrated at several occasions both in Spain, England and Sweden and last but not least in the Electronic Desert! Since it’s been a while since the release you might experience some problems getting hold of the record itself, but rest assured it will be worth your every effort. If you’re out of luck or patience keep a look out for nspk002 that is supposed to emerge any time now.