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C.DB.SN + Scaffolding, Covalent States [Plastic Sound Supply – PSS013, 2011]

April 9th, 2012 Comments off

Another offering from the friendly ‘Plastic Sound Supply’ label operating out of Denver, Colorado in the USA. ‘Covalent States’ is a four track release featuring two artists. One of them is closely associated with PSS, namely Scaffolding, who was featured alongside Heft on the very first PSS release ‘We Will Diminish’ in 2008. ‘Covalent States’ is a nice sounding and rather traditional take on electronic music, and time-less in a sense because it could have been made a couple years ago, making it somewhat generic. That being said you do get solid musical workmanship, nice melodies and ample of bass. Keeping it short: it is a nice listen and it’s available at the Plastic Sound Supply label site.

Live Concert x 2: Deadbeat + Ludvig Elblaus

November 19th, 2011 Comments off

On Saturday, 26-11-2011, the well known ambient club Flim returns to its urban dwelling in Stockholm.

The line-up includes live performances by:


as well as DJ sets by:


Be sure to take part in the continuous Flim tribute to beautiful sounds, sights and winter nights at Nordic Light Hotel on Saturday 26th of November. More information at: Flim Stockholm

Music Festival: SoS 2011

October 20th, 2011 Comments off

This week the 18th – 23rd October 2011 you have the possibility to visit the Sound of Stockholm festival in Sweden.

“Sound of Stockholm is a new festival for improvised, new and experimental art music. The festival takes place a week each autumn. It is artist-driven and organised through a collaboration between 9 independent presenting societies along with EMS and the Swedish Musician’s Alliance.”

The week is filled with performances by well-known and not so well-known artists. The hub of events is the glorious Kulturhuset in the very centre of Stockholm. This Saturday, 22-10-2011 you should direct special attention to Ludvig Elblaus solo performance: King Of Infinite Space, pt 3.

The first part was performed at Audiorama during the Kulturnatten event in Stockholm and the second at the Flim Open Air Festival in Vinterviken this summer.

The project is based on one composition that is presented in three different ways in three different contexts. At Audiorama the original composition was used in a shortened but otherwise unprocessed form. At the outdoor Flim festival the original composition was multiplied and superimposed thus creating a compact, dense mass of sound. In the third and final part being performed at Kulturhuset; the original components will be disassembled and processed in order to construct a new integral piece.

Ludvig Elblaus’ set is one of three presented by Fylkingen on Saturday night. The other two sets are performances by: Axel Dörner / Jassem Hindi and Andrea Belfi.

Ola Bergman, Quizzical – Issue 1 [New Speak – NSPK009A, 2011]

August 5th, 2011 Comments off

An intriguing new release and solid record (some pun intended) out on New Speak by the founder and owner Ola Bergman. The label was activated the same year as Electronic Desert and that would be Anno Domini 2002 (wait a year and it’ll be an even move of ten). The latest New Speak recording was 2009’s ‘Recast’ CD compilation featuring an array of talented electronic musicians.

‘Quizzical’ is actually a two part album and this is indicated by the first part’s subtitle ‘issue 1’. The four-track 12-inch has an equal distribution of tracks and makes for an enjoyable meeting with Ola Bergman’s musical world. And it is in every aspect an electrofied, heavily analogue, melodic and danceable encounter.

The opening track ‘Fearcast’ (which simply must be a play with words of the 2005 ‘Forecast’ release and track) is a piece of well-crafted, slightly nostalgic and all around nice sounding music. The drum machine on ‘Radiosonde’ is as solid as it has got pedigree and it is accompanied by a gentle melody, yet it still manages to be a definite dance floor adept. The B-side features ‘Pollination’ and ‘Crescent Nebula’ and both the tracks are sound wise more steadily focused on the shores of America rather than Europe. ‘Pollination’ also incorporates processed vocal elements.

‘Quizzical’ is another top quality release on New Speak and if you like New Speak and Ola Bergman’s music I strongly suggest you get a copy fast. The release is limited to 100 hand printed copies and they will not last.

Deadbeat, Drawn and Quartered [BLKRTZ – BLKRTZ001, 2011]

August 5th, 2011 Comments off

‘Drawn and Quartered’ sees Deadbeat returning in form on his newly started BLKTRZ label.

The four-track album is packed with e-dub of the highest order and the production techniques are perfected. The tracks are all generously stretched to the 10 minute marker and beyond.

Like I’ve said many times in the past, some like it and some don’t. I think it’s simply masterful!

Music Festival: Norbergfestival 2011

July 28th, 2011 Comments off

Today, Thursday 28-07-2011, is the start of the annual Norbergfestival: +80 artists, 4 stages during 3 days and it is all taking place in an abandoned iron mine a truly spectacular and unique venue. It is “The premier festival for electronic music in Scandinavia”.

Music Festival: Flim Open Air

June 30th, 2011 Comments off

On Saturday, 09-07-2011, the well known ambient club Flim temporarily relocates from its urban dwelling into the lush green countryside for a festival at Vintervikens Trädgårdscafé in Stockholm.

Flim Open Air promises to be a nice sounding and looking one-day festival presenting an array of gifted local musicians. The line-up includes live performances by:


as well as DJ sets by:

Be sure to take part in Flim’s tribute to beautiful summer days/nights and experience lovely sounds and sights at Vinterviken on Saturday 9th of July. More information at: Flim Stockholm

Music Festival: Volt 2011

June 7th, 2011 Comments off

This Saturday, 11-06-2011 it is time for the yearly musical festival Volt.

The artists attending the festival are: Alva Noto, Radio Slave, Ben Klock, Darkstar, Mary Anne Hobbs, Little Dragon, Motor City Drum Ensemble, Ulf Eriksson, SKLS, Mokira, Håkan Lidbo, Nomaton, Kliin, Mats Almegård, Hanna Kihlander aka Knivflickan, Kymatica, Lisa and Kroffe, Samlingen, Glasnost, Hype and Nicole Carter.

The music will be accompanied by: VJs and a wide variety of installations, for example Cinema hosted by the lovely people at and last but not least the Lost Bots…

The festival takes place at the spectacular Uppsala Konsert & Kongress in Uppsala, Sweden. Be sure to visit this high quality electronic music festival!

Live Concert x 3: The Schematics

May 9th, 2011 Comments off

On Saturday, 28-05-2011, three sets will be performed by the members of the Schematics.

A solo performance by: Ludvig Elblaus, a duo performance by Katt Hernandez and Daniel Karlsson as well as a performance with the full quartet.

The performances will take place at: Kafé Klavér in Stockholm. The concerts begin at 19:00.

And maybe, just maybe, the fourth Schematics’ release IV (Green) recorded live in concert at Fylkingen in Stockholm 11-03-2011 will be available for purchase at the venue.

Atheus, Compile [Silent Season – SSCD09, 2011]

May 3rd, 2011 4 comments

I simply had to write something about Silent Season! A label that is yet another new acquaintance to me, hailing from British Columbia, Canada (and you may think, rightfully; what is the meaning of all these geographical references on

Well, for one thing it may have to do with the fact that is located in Sweden (think extreme northern Europe), or that it was also a recurring theme on Electronic Desert, or that Turkey stands in line to be reviewed, but the hope is that the main reason is to point out the utterly beautiful and global presence of electronic music that is maintained by the first and only global* means of communication; namely the Internet.

And please keep in mind (or realise) that it has not always been and that it may very well be lost forever due to other forces that are in play in this, complex World of ours.

Now, let’s move on to the subject in the centre of this text: Atheus’ wonderful ‘Compile’ album on Silent Season. To establish a reasonable baseline let’s first conclude one thing: it is nothing but excellent! It is filled to the brim with e-dub of the highest order, with forward movement and fused with the right amount of static.

Nevertheless, there’s one track that simply (to my mind) is just a tiny fraction better than all of the rest and destined in becoming a future classic, the majestic ‘Einsatz’. The deep bass, the firm hand-clap, the hi-hat, the timeless atmosphere and the finely tuned tempo (on the upside) makes this track the perfect description of e-dub! This in all aspects close to perfect track actually follows another track entitled ‘Deploy’ that it is almost as good and it doesn’t stop there; consider the last track ‘Unendlich’ and you have a perfectly combined e-dub triptych.

If you’re remotely interested in electronic music or more precisely in e-dub (according to’s definition: found and nurtured in Berlin, Germany), you should investigate this album and label and if you happen to like e-dub, then I suggest you get this album right now without hesitating. ‘Compile’ is a strong contender for album of the year, without question (not that I’ve ever actually succeeded in choosing just one album, but never mind that).

In likeness with so many other newly produced albums it’s like an electronic decoctation which has slowly been trickling down through layers of layers of ever-improving hardware and finally after all these years, are meeting the expectations of my ears harshly tutored in the era of lo-fi hissing C-90 music cassettes.

*You may belong to the part of the World that lack electricity, computers, Internet connections or may be occupied with more pressing matters, like basic survival for example, you may or not be living in the so called developing World and if that is indeed the case, you may not share these sentiments of Internet's contributions to mankind, however, nomatter where you live, please consider letting art lead the way.