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Ola Bergman, The Satellite City [New Speak – NSPK007, 2005]

September 1st, 2005 Comments off

Oh man is this ever a good idea! Ola Bergman’s “The Satellite City” is a digital summary of his more or less hard to come by 12-inch New Speak vinyl singles. New Speak of course being his very own prolific label (this CD release surely already has watered the mouths of the filesharing community outthere). Apart from the awesome collection of tracks that the singles themselves form. You also get some never heard before tarcks directly from Mr Bergman’s spacious bag of musical tricks. For example the excellent “Fivecast” and complete with analouge bassline and amplitude of athmosphere or the Kraftwerk hommage “No Policy” or the exceedingly beautiful “Otra Vuelta”. The 14 tracks also demonstrates another fact in a very clear and concise way and that is the musical development that has taken place. The very same fact that has also demonstrated itself on numerous occasions in the recent live performances made by the artist in question. The dance floor is getting closer and closer (it’s true that it has never been all that far away, but bare with me here…) and the beats getting rougher by the minute, yet always firmly grounded in the electro soil. Having said that it is of paramaount importance to me to point out that Bergman’s electro-based forward moving electronics are truly unique and defying categorisation in the most effective of ways. In conclusion: no matter if you already know or if you simply want to know what all the fuss is about I strongly suggest that you get a copy of “The Satellite City” an outstanding collection of modern electronic classics!