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Ola Bergman, The Great Family Hotel [New Speak – NSPK001, 2002]

November 26th, 2002 Comments off

ob_the_great_family_hotelThe first release on New Speak Records is the 12″ “The Great Family Hotel” by talented Ola Bergman. With one previous release under his belt, the acclaimed Geiom split 05/06 12″ on Smak his latest released work shows great maturity. There’re blissful melodies and straightforward drum programming throughout the six track EP. Noticeable are the clear electro influences contained in the productions however far from falling into the category itself. Nice stuff! Mr. Bergman is also an apt live performer which he has demonstrated at several occasions both in Spain, England and Sweden and last but not least in the Electronic Desert! Since it’s been a while since the release you might experience some problems getting hold of the record itself, but rest assured it will be worth your every effort. If you’re out of luck or patience keep a look out for nspk002 that is supposed to emerge any time now.