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Ola Bergman, Pseudocarp [New Speak – NSPK003, 2003]

October 27th, 2003 Comments off

ob_pseudocarpAfter the delightful second release courtesy of Bauri, who will be performing live at ED109 by the way, New Speak presents the third instalment “Pseudocarp” by Ola Bergman. However, by the time this review gets posted it is most likely already sold out, but any efforts to obtain a copy will be worthwhile! Actually I saw some copies at Snickars records store in Stockholm just this past week (Oct 2003). There’re five tracks on the nicely package 12-inch starting off with “Pseudocarp” and its brilliantly programmed beats and sound choices for melody all held together with just the right amount of melancholy. “Limma”, downplayed and cunningly constructed beats and bass follow it. Third track on the first side or “Here” as it is written on the centre label is “Snake Meadows” an electro influenced track which has quite a temper, beginning with an intro and straightforward handclap it evolves into a veritable monster, apparently a very well liked monster at that, by all the positive reviews it has got. As you may or may not know it is included on Electronic Desert Recordings’ very first compilation “Sandwaves” released in Feb 2003. A growing number of the 13 tracks from our compilation are getting released elsewhere, which is great fun! “Vulture’s End” displays the raw talent of Mr Bergman in an unmistakable way in this electro infused treat, filled with atmosphere and high paced rhythmic elements. The trademarked Bergmanian take on electronica is devastatingly effective and very beautiful. “Cypsela” takes the tempo down a notch or two and delivers deep bass fused with light treading beats and an amplitude of strings alongside the backbone of the song – the sweetest of melodies riding along perfectly. You just want to hear it over and over again. New Speak keeps delivering the goods and by the look of it there’s an audience as well, I know I am anyhow. Buy this release before it’s to late…