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Polestar, End of an Era [Boltfish Recordings – BOLTDIGI017, 2010]

August 5th, 2011 Comments off

Reportedly ‘End of an Era’ is Jon Elliott last release using the name Polestar and given that his first release ‘Camplex EP’ on Boltfish Recordings was reviewed in 2005.

It now only seems as fitting as it is sad that Polestar’s last release also is a Boltfish one. At the time of his debut release I wrote the following among other things:

‘The flawless programming of beats, lush sounds, heaps of that all important bass and the overall warmth characterising this particular label’s sound is demonstrated to the fullest by Polestar on this his four-track debut release.’

The exact same thing could be said of the six tracks on ‘End of an Era’ that represents the closing chapter of the musical acquaintance that has been: Polestar.

Biotron Shelf, Cloud Bands and Arabesques [Boltfish Recordings – BOLTLP012, 2011]

April 30th, 2011 Comments off

‘Biotron Shelf’ is Murray Fisher’s and Wil Bolton’s collaborative project and as any returning reader would surely know Murray Fisher records as Mint and Wil Bolton as Cheju and together they run the record label Boltfish Recordings. The first Biotron Shelf release was ‘33 Minutes North’ on U-Cover’s CDR series in 2006. Two years later they released ‘Transmissions’ (sadly yet resurface-unheard and extremely limited CDR-release on Smallfish Records).

‘Cloud Bands and Arabesques’ is as far as I know this is the first Biotron Shelf release ever on Boltfish (which is kind of funny given they’re the label owners). The production standard of these two electronic musicians is as high as ever. The Biotron Shelf you know and love from ’33 Minutes North’ are very much represented on this release to the novelties you could add the tracks with a more acoustic setting, like the equally lovely ‘The King’s Horses’.

In the 10 tracks on the album they successfully merge their two styles into one unique sounding treat once again. ‘Cloud Bands and Arabesques’ is scheduled for a summer release (JUL2011). More information at: Boltfish Recordings.

Sabi, Glued on Thin Memories [Boltfish Recordings – BOLTLP009, 2010]

April 30th, 2011 Comments off

A very competent and well-executed album released on the relentless and yet very friendly Boltfish Recordings’ label in 2010.

This 15 track album opens up with a classic take on electronic beats born on the other side of the Atlantic and may not be groundbreaking for 2011. However, the workmanship is most definitely there and it continues on with more lush US references and in a very good form at that.

Track four ‘Screaming Bulb’ is nothing short but excellent, effective; warm yet mildly complex, very nice build-up and nice processed vocal based melody and stretching 10:19 to boot. The Sabi remix of ‘Mano’ is more than good, it brings out the sun and beach in an instant and in all its straightforwardness it is simply put a beautiful piece of music.

I don’t know much about who Sabi is, however the talent is obvious and so is the display of knowledge of the output of contemporary electronic music the past decade or so. Not excluding Boltfish and the nearby musical surroundings, the reason for making that comment is that there are more than one or two unmistakable influences in there, it is a very well executed album nevertheless.

For more information please visit: Boltfish Recordings.

Soutien Gorge, Bolida/Hó [Boltfish Recordings – BOLTDIGI018, 2011]

March 29th, 2011 Comments off

Soutien Gorge of Bitlab Records’ fame returns to Boltfish Recordings with another two-track treat of warm and in all aspects cuddly electronic music (JAN 2011).

The ‘Bolida/Hó’ is their third release on Boltfish following the ‘Vízállásjelentés’ 2007 and ‘Szerelmes Nóta/Délutániád’ 2008 releases. Not as friendly as their 2008 release ‘Szerelmes Nóta/Délutániád’, but comparing with a lot of the rest of the down-tempo stuff these days (2011) it’s still a genuinely warm and cuddly experience.

And you get two tracks of well produced warm lush electronic music and the only major question really, is what-ever happened to the ultra-sweet characters appearing on Soutien Gorge’s debut ‘Persze Remixes’ on Bitlab Records dating from 2005? I do hope the little ones are doing alright, in this cold, cold World!

Amorph, Midsummer [Boltfish Recordings – BOLTDIGI016, 2010]

November 18th, 2010 Comments off

Amorph’s debut album entitled ‘Etats d’esprit’ was released on Boltfish in 2007. This four track EP ‘Midsummer’ sees Amorph return in form on the very same label. There’re four tracks of delightful breakbeats of the nicest persuasion. It’s been stated here before and it can very well be stated again, good music does not have to belong to a musical journalist’s newest invented sub-genre to be good. Hey, at the end of the day, good music just has to fulfil the requirement of being good! The ‘Midsummer’ EP is all that and more and it is what you’re looking for, it’s a breakbeat treat. The track ‘Sunrise’ is the ultimate testament, come 2010 and you get perfectly laid down beats, flawless production and execution and triggering an automatic replay, what can I say, but, that it’s an excellent track! I just wish, imagine that I actually would under any circumstance hear this track being played out, once, and no that’s not going to happen anytime in the near future, and frankly that is just a shame…

Preston, Aespatia [Boltfish Recordings – BOLT041, 2007]

August 10th, 2007 Comments off

preston_aespatiaAespatia is a really good debut album on Boltfish by recording artist Preston. Clean beats and amplitude of nice sounds and well constructed melodies all fitting in the carefully carved out sonic holding place of the Boltfish label. Aespatia contains 13 high quality tracks including four remixes by label stable artists ensuring a nice listen and a welcome reminder that complexity not necessarily brings quality and reinforcing the truth that good music doesn’t have to be anything but that, good music. Track number five entitled Barry is an excellent example of the above statement. Blissful composition. The recommendation is that you investigate Boltfish’s 41st release and Preston’s debut album as soon as you can.

Milieu, Remodelled [Boltfish Recordings – BOLT039, 2007]

August 10th, 2007 Comments off

milieu_boltfish_remodelledAlready past the 40th release marker Milieu’s Remodelled album got the subsequent number 39. It’s a lovely full-length that Milieu has produced and it can be said to be the natural continuation of the Tandem Series 5 from last year (2006). What does it all mean? More nice melancholic melodies, more excellent dry beats set in half-crisp and half-distorted and/or bit-reduced environment all creating great contrast and more refined BOAC homage. All in all a thoroughly enjoyable album and well within Boltfish’s production tolerances and as was stated in the beginning counting in at number 39.

Electricwest, Drawing Plans for Delicate Evasion [Boltfish Recordings – BOLT038, 2007]

August 10th, 2007 Comments off

electricwestbolt038A brilliant debut album by an artist called Electricwest (the parents most likely would be calling Pat Benolkin for dinner) released by Boltfish Recordings. The mood is set straight away in the opening track The Nightshift with slow but reliable hip hop beats laying the foundation pared with atmosphere setting synthetic sounds and warm subbass creating a great track. Crispiness is the option in Wearing Crimson that follows, beat remains steady nevertheless and in the same time demonstrating the strength of leaving some air in the production using breaks in a clever way. The use of glitch is contrasting in a beautiful way and it’s enjoyable. Third track Niche is devoid of beats and is remarkably well produced drone influenced with melancholy executed in a flawless matter, there’s just one criticism and that would be the song’s actual playing time – it is too short. The remedy? Hit the replay button and don’t delay. And that is actually the feeling I get throughout listening to this album. It is filled with crispiness and detail and many of the songs included on it simple demand a second (immediate) listen. A great debut album and another accomplished release by the fellowship of Boltfish counting in at number 38.

Btb, Who Wants to be Healthy in This Sick World? [Boltfish Recordings – BOLT042, 2007]

August 10th, 2007 Comments off

btb_bolt042BTB second full-length album entitled Who Wants to be Healthy in this Sick World? following his debut Sysex EP from late 2005. BTB continues to make lovely sounding electronic music with excellent beats and melodies to accompany them. However as the title may suggest his music is set in a more sinister landscape (could it possibly be linked to the current state of the World?) This has in no way affected the quality of his music in any negative way. The opening track Building a better life through living is the perfect example with amplitude of atmosphere. The second track Ill Brain features more broken sounds and a deep sub bass to booth. Rhythmically complex and with a sinister undertone, but given the track’s title maybe not all that surprising. In any event it’s a really good track. The first eight tracks are accompanied by four remixes by the usual suspects with one possible exception: Melodium. The track title of his contribution is not among the other songs, that could be the effect of some last minute track changes who knows for sure. The other re-mixers would be: Cheju, Mint and Milieu all doing a fine job of interpretation. All in all Who Wants to be Healthy in this Sick World? is a very good album and my final free association takes me to the realms of the excellent German label Hymen. It’s BOLT042 and you know you should investigate.

Mise en Scene, neo~ylo [Boltfish Recordings – BOLT040, 2007]

August 10th, 2007 Comments off

miseenscene_bolt040The latest appearance (and debut if I’m not grossly mistaken) by Mise en Scene was on the Tandem Series number 4. Neo~ylo is broken and quite mechanical sounding as in D:great or the title track Neo~ylo. Overall there’s a great selection of more or less nervous and disjointed sounds on this five track EP. It’s somewhat different from his previous Tandem Series number 4 release and not your typical Boltfish release either for that matter. Neo~ylo is an interesting sonic encounter and counts in as BOLT040.