Btb, Who Wants to be Healthy in This Sick World? [Boltfish Recordings – BOLT042, 2007]

btb_bolt042BTB second full-length album entitled Who Wants to be Healthy in this Sick World? following his debut Sysex EP from late 2005. BTB continues to make lovely sounding electronic music with excellent beats and melodies to accompany them. However as the title may suggest his music is set in a more sinister landscape (could it possibly be linked to the current state of the World?) This has in no way affected the quality of his music in any negative way. The opening track Building a better life through living is the perfect example with amplitude of atmosphere. The second track Ill Brain features more broken sounds and a deep sub bass to booth. Rhythmically complex and with a sinister undertone, but given the track’s title maybe not all that surprising. In any event it’s a really good track. The first eight tracks are accompanied by four remixes by the usual suspects with one possible exception: Melodium. The track title of his contribution is not among the other songs, that could be the effect of some last minute track changes who knows for sure. The other re-mixers would be: Cheju, Mint and Milieu all doing a fine job of interpretation. All in all Who Wants to be Healthy in this Sick World? is a very good album and my final free association takes me to the realms of the excellent German label Hymen. It’s BOLT042 and you know you should investigate.