Electricwest, Drawing Plans for Delicate Evasion [Boltfish Recordings – BOLT038, 2007]

electricwestbolt038A brilliant debut album by an artist called Electricwest (the parents most likely would be calling Pat Benolkin for dinner) released by Boltfish Recordings. The mood is set straight away in the opening track The Nightshift with slow but reliable hip hop beats laying the foundation pared with atmosphere setting synthetic sounds and warm subbass creating a great track. Crispiness is the option in Wearing Crimson that follows, beat remains steady nevertheless and in the same time demonstrating the strength of leaving some air in the production using breaks in a clever way. The use of glitch is contrasting in a beautiful way and it’s enjoyable. Third track Niche is devoid of beats and is remarkably well produced drone influenced with melancholy executed in a flawless matter, there’s just one criticism and that would be the song’s actual playing time – it is too short. The remedy? Hit the replay button and don’t delay. And that is actually the feeling I get throughout listening to this album. It is filled with crispiness and detail and many of the songs included on it simple demand a second (immediate) listen. A great debut album and another accomplished release by the fellowship of Boltfish counting in at number 38.