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Everyday A Holiday And Africa Is A Road?

July 5th, 2017 Comments off

No, I’m destroyed again, I got trashed, again? By a opening track of a two hour set? Are you serious?

Oh, my lord that is rough bass music! Would have killed half or more of the crowd playing that. The rest would be in need of medical attention and then some.

I am in need of medical attention. What the h*ll is going on? I can’t even talk about it.

It is DJ Youngsta on (copy and paste it… or click the at the bottom.).

No comment and no ID. The first track and you are not going to tell me what it is?

Many thanks: wr (it looks like the items at the bakery I call it “kanelbulle” you may call it “cinnamon-bun”) Mm, that time will come. My AI is better than yours or vice versa.

Obviously the track is an instant classic and most would not give that away… leading with that track? Even if you had the strongest bag and then mixing like that? It may sound like a breeze.

“I can do that! I can play music”. I can assure you that it is not as easy as it may sound. It is like every other trade. I will never understand that.

You would not go to your neighbour for dentistry or advanced neurosurgery? Please respect the DJ. For the record I have never called myself a DJ and there is a very good and simple reason. I am not one. I do collect music and I have played some.

DJ-ing is pure craftsmanship. I might have mentioned that I am in fact an avid drum’n’bass fan or most likely fan-boy (and people say I’m lacking self-distance… ha ha ; ) ).

I have one thing to say: “Africa is a road.” It is a do or die deal. No in between, always been like that. Either you like the way or you don’t. The ones that do? They all much or less agree, the ones that don’t? They stand firm like the great wall of China. No worries, The Black Star Liner will take you where you need to go.

Again… DJ Youngsta’s mixing is on a want to cry level (I might do that and for all you know even if I did cry I would not tell you). Proper skills right there! Actually there is more than that. You need to select as well and you need something to select from. To always be in the front-line?

Start trying playing at your own party or to your parents? Decide what to play. Then play to your peers. Your history is what will count and it will be more important than ever. Judged by your peers that is selection.

If I would have heard this out and about? Then my little sister would had been forced to go to the hospital (thankfully I don’t spend much time there, last time was about 25 years ago my own fault…).

It is that good. I’m close to not believing. The sound, the mixing, the selection and the musical switch mid-way. The opening track and mid-way drum’n’bass? Someone may die (literately), you do understand that?

I… do not… know what to say. Finished. Wait I remember it all now. This is how it used to sound. This is what my boys and girls used to play! The no nonsense stuff. When we scared the sound guy off, when we demanded more bass every time. “This is enough.” No, we will be needing more…

True bass? It can not be expressed in text. It is more like a colour or a smell from your childhood. I have something negative to say. Heavy sampling and robbery? The tracks before? The originators? As it was said you need to respect the past in order to respect yourself.

A long time ago (it do believe it was 1996) “The One 31” said to me that the only worry he had was that: “(sample) cannibalism” would ruin it. It did not but don’t say that you invented/found it if you in fact did not do so. Respect the past and respect yourself.

Closing words. The London state idea seems like a good one. I know you all like the queen I like her too! Sweden is monarchy. London a sovereign state? That would be the coolest thing ever!!!!

I would apply for citizenship directly, I would apply and trade my current one and I do mean directly.

London would become the coolest nation ever in history. It’s now or like my lil’ sis’ likes to quote: “If you don’t start something… there’ll be…”

//Bell 03

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It Is Just Not Fair

July 1st, 2017 Comments off

Why? Well, that is close to three decades now.

And that is nothing less than three decades of trashing, beating and bass superiority, continuing three decades and moving on? Apart from the joy of the music? It is humiliating and abusive.

The UK-bass face slap, again…

30 years of face slapping?

And it never stops? Come on! Give me a f***in break. : )

/Jonas S.

PS. Forever and ever and ever and ever.

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You Say What Now?

June 30th, 2017 Comments off

Digital Dread?

“It is the flip to Fashion Dread.” Did you happen to read: “Fashion Dreads” (scroll down)?

Come on! D-bridge is on f**king fire and so am I it would seem. Burning that is.

You have got to be kidding me…

That’s digital global culture for you right there. “Get a grip”. Do you think that you can actually catch up and keep the pace?

Good luck with that. New and strange times ahead. It is all changing now. Much faster than anyone can imagine.

I do believe that that the “singularity” is approaching, it is close. It may be here already. It makes things fuzzy. Much harder to analyse and understand, in other words much “stranger” (to understand “the moment” is virtually impossible for a human being).

More or less like my Bluetooth headphones that I am wearing right now that were manufactured in China.

It could only lead down that logical path. Machines were needed to create digital sounds. It makes perfect sense now… It is obvious that they’re going to take full control.

Finally, if you are genuinely interested in your own future I humbly suggest reading Willam Gibson’s novel “The Peripheral”. The answers are there.

“Do you know what they call us?”

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Is It The 1000:th Time?

June 29th, 2017 Comments off

London… crushing it musically. Again? It is in fact ridiculous. I wonder, why do I even bother?

Yes, it is the same station and the same DJ destroying everything and everybody in the bass camp (and, yes it still matters very much to me).

Bass to cover the entire World and my entire life! The Bass that have kept me alive. It is relentless 24/7, it is so impressive! Every day? 24 hours a day for decades? How is that even possible? Have mercy upon my soul!

Looking for the future beat.

But, the one I want, she does not want me, and the one I did consider is getting married and the ONE? Well, I will never ever have her! Never. Det är inte mitt val. Now, that is just ridiculous.

Det är larvigt men att vara människa är rätt larvigt.

It has been made much too complicated. Machines are not that complicated, they are understandable. All rationally based systems are basically understandable and possible to analyse… time is not a factor. Important. It may take a lifetime or longer. Time is not important, that is not the reason why.

“Do you know what they call us?”

I’ve come to realise that I really don’t care for heights and 294 meters is just that.

Apparently my father did not like heights either. We never discussed the topic.

The cross is up there and the view is spectacular, it is a view to die for.

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Every Body Dies, Dedication To The Fallen

June 29th, 2017 Comments off

So, The Prodigy from Mobb Deep has left us?

It makes me sad, there are so many lost now. ODB, Guru, Prince and now The Prodigy?

Mark Fisher took his own life? That is completly unacceptable as far as I know he was a father of two too.

Do I need to remind you that Babylonia = Systema B is not a theory, it is a real construct.

It is destroying people and other stuff. Mark Fisher the author? No, I can not believe that, I do not want to believe that it is true.

My generation? Is dying, literally. The albums are easily on my top ten list of albums ever… and that is a crowded list. Trust me. Then again it is DJ Premier. So Gangstarr and Grouphome are there as well…

There are so many people missing now, I’m missing people and I’m feeling sadness. They are the fallen.

The photo? Mine and that is the south of France… and if you would ever want to find me, that is the place to start looking.

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Massive Bass & Epic Breaks

June 8th, 2017 Comments off

The bass and the breaks come from London. Am I surprised? After 30 years? No, I am not surpriced.

I am not saying that UK invented the whole thing (what would ever possess me to do such a thing). Every slightly educated and/or interested person knows that is an: African, German, UK, Jamaican, European, Asian, Japanese, Unspecified, Southamerican, Ocean and American thing.

Shorter version = it is a musical thing. An electronic musical music thing.

Breaks, and absolutely pushing it. So, you like it or you don’t? I am failing automatically, as I am writing about it and harass ordinary good citicians about it and have done for quite a while. Humbled to be able to listening to it to begin with.

You turn left and you turn right? Up and down? I can listen to what ever I want and I can write what ever I want? You may not like what I listen to or what I write… but that is my right. This right of mine come with great responsibility. There are many places in the World were you can NOT listen to music and you most definetly can NOT write or say what is on your mind.

It is beyond… I never thought that would be possible. Rollin’ the new beats like that, pushing the new bass like that? Like that? Ruthless and unbelievable. It may seem simple? It is far from that. Believe you me. It is very far from being simple.

It is a thing of beauty.

I really like bass. Well “like” maybe an understatement. But, that at least is not a secret. It is just the best kept secret in the World.

Finally, what about that crazy internet? If you search for: “Amen Break”, you will get close to 600 000 hits, not only Wikipedia, not only rambling but you will get tens of thounds of screenshots of the actual Amen-break waveform and notation. How strange is not that? How amazing is not that!

PS. Ha ha! So, you lot may read your e-mail after all? ; ) “Dreader Than Dread”. What a tune! It’s a massive tune. You all take care now. Bass like that? Then I will survive.

It May Be The Most Dangerous Place On Earth?

June 4th, 2017 Comments off

It would be your own kitchen.

I cut myself doing the dishes in my own kitchen? Apart from my own incompetence.

It could truly be the most dangerous place on earth. Be aware! I hurt myself.

Not related: Fab & Groove playing “Twisted Individual”? Really? Come on. 2017 and you listen to the drum and bass? OK.

“Steppas, that is you all day!” If you actually know what that mean. Then come along.

My God! The pressure? “Twisted Individual”?

That track is just, that’s just so, Yes I know… it may just be a case of the wrong human being at the wrong place.

That’s all good and fine by me.

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The Eternal Musical Brotherhood/Sisterhood Is It Broken?

June 2nd, 2017 Comments off

If so, how can that be?

The eternal brotherhood/sisterhood of breaks, technology and bass. Has it been broken and defeated?

After decades of looking for the perfect beat? If so, does Babylon emerge victorious?

Brothers/sisters united in bass, are we in fact defeated? No, that will never happen. 2017? I just find that particular thought totally unacceptable.

Culture in any shape or form has never been more important than right now. In this time.

Fabio & Grooverider, 27/05/2017 on… laying down the law. Pushing forward. Ruthless. Honestly?

Do you have any serious questions? You play like that now? Come on! “That is you all day.” It is a thing of beauty. It is the very definition of culture/art.

The bold statement: there is nothing in the World that is more important than just that. It is the very definition of civilisation.

Broken and breaks? Yes, possibly overdoing it a bit. Mm, funny-pants and all that, yet dead serious. It has to mean something? The breaks are not playthings and bass is not a toy?

For the record (no punt intended) no, I do not own that record (Photek on Prototype Records, come on! You find it give me an offer and I will consider it) centre label as depicted above. Yes, I found the image on the internet. Go figure. It is not in my possession but, I can think of at least four individuals that might actually own that particular record.

Yes, I wish that it was in my collection… I just should have stuck to my collection instead of complicating things.

It is Science Fiction stuff really, compared to everything else. The context alone is fictional.

This is the 400th post. So, again to all my fallen heroins and heroes. I salute the’.

Fab & Groove? Still standing tall. My heroes.

So, what is the final verdict? No, the eternal musical bound is not broken, it cannot be broken. Why? Bass is eternal and so is the musical brotherhood/sisterhood. It is stronger than ever and it sounds better than ever.

I Say Wave And You Sine What?

June 1st, 2017 Comments off

”From Wave to Club”*, sure almost every musical genre in the World was originally cornered in one and same very place. Yes, that would be Londinium, UK.

The clearly US-based bass hybrid that is referred to is apparently called ”Wave”.

OK. But, I know this, I have heard this before, this music but it was decades ago. It did not sound exactly like this at the time. Don’t get me wrong it is excellent music!

Relentless Londinium! Defining what bass is every day of the week and all year around. Sure we all want to do that…

The irony, US seems to have a particular large influence on UK-bass right now (no, not d’n’b that will never happen)? Agent Orange is in charge over-seas and the decision has been taken to leave Europe.

Again, Londinium please claim your own state! You are wanted and needed in Europe. Honestly, it is not more outlandish than the UK leaving Europe. Seeking a Visa to go to Londinium?

Almost forgot… there is a “Ghost In The Shell” sample. I guess it is that time: “All are gonna’ get up in there now”? The musical superiority and futurity of it all? It’s ridiculous and personally I frankly, find it somewhat annoying. Decade after decade. Superior and ahead of everybody else. Always.

I can also hear that (finally) mother Africa is taking centre place in some tracks. Rhythmically that is, all drums origin is not being questioned is it? No, that would be silly! Like not knowing where the cradle of humanity lays, no that would be equally silly.

* Plastician on, 2017-05-30. Yes, that’s right a whole two days ago.

Apparently this is actually the 399th published post, it seems appropriate to share the follwoing non-fictional conversation: – “You know? I write reviews, texts about music and post them on my site on the internet.” – “Why? Nobody is going to read them anyway.”

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May 26th, 2017 Comments off

Fab & Groove on 23/04/2017?

For once I actually have no comment. I have nothing sensible to say/add.

If you like/or is a drum’n’bass (alt. dumn’n’bass) fanatic?

Then you really need to listen to this set. Because this is litterally unbelievable.

Decades ago from the basement. “Everyone” listens to electronics today?

Yet, few seem to understand bass?

“Prototype”? My Lord… “Renegade Hardware”? I guess I will just have to respect/accept that, but the loss?

Oh my!

“Renegade Hardware”? Closing shop? I can not believe that, really? Renegade? I am in tears now.

Fab & Groove. Modern day heroes. Pushing on!

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