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Simply, Because It Is Like That?

March 10th, 2017 Comments off

No comment or the many imagined witty words? Hm, not this time around…

Or that was the original intent anyhow, intense like that? You will have to be whoever you be? That is your duty? “Me Show You” – D-Bridge are you f**king kidding me? Mother does not approve of poor language and I do try to avoid it whenever possible. But, Hellfire, this is so exceptionally good.

Bass? You need to like it though. 30 years and then some and it seems like it is actually true. One of my very first own albums was “Herbie Hancock – Future Shock”. My grandmother bought it in 1983 as a birthday present.

Well, the reason was “Rock It”, honestly what else could it have been? Then? At the age of 13? Later on? I could never really admit that I liked Front 242 (still don’t own a single release, but Somatic Responses will maybe suffice?), Yello, Propaganda, Depeche Mode, Kraftwerk, The Cure, Electronic Body Music, Jazz, Electro freedom and 101 Electric Tribe? In one word of sorts… it is still “out-of-this-World”. Too many words… again? : )

So, Agent Orange and his digital army is inside my machine? OK. But, I write fairly fast = many words per minute. Please improve your sistema? Work on the algorithms because it is extremely annoying and quite frankly it is just offensive. If you do not mind me saying so.

Get in the game will you? You need to improve your game. So, I cannot type? I have spent, literally a life-time doing so… please come on?

I know how fast or slow my machine is? Don’t insult me…

Moreover I pledge (again) to live and die for the bass.

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SecOps? You think? Yes!

March 4th, 2017 Comments off

”Stasis” by Seba? Did I not just recently write something about this very track? Secret Operations is well over 20 years old (that is half my life)? Coincidence? Maybe.

Do you really want to know something about the ”mindset” and the ways of thinking of a fanatic? No?

OK. Firstly, it does not have anything to do with either the frightful or the destructive. It is clear (to me) that it is far from being exclusively something for the ”religious”. It would rather seem to depend on what actually constitutes the “subject”?

Secondly (I did write firslty?) is ”religion” simply blind faith? Or is it mandatory that religion has rules that are stated in a book (blind faith is something else, at least I do condtend that is the case and I do so regarding it as an actual fact.)?

There are so many books in the World… and music? It could be blind faith in the end? 25 years or more, so is that “religion” or is it not?

I dedicate the “logo” to: “Trånkan”. You know what I mean.
I dedicate the track “Angry Woman” (Klute) to: CPH. Damn.
I deidcate the track “Autorama” (also Klute) to: all fanatics. No further comment.
I deidcate my life to: Jr. Mm, it’s meant litterally. My life (and for those who know… RR and the shining star).
I dedicate it to all the lost. The young and old.

And finally Klute’s finishing track? “Phone Call” from the “Fear of People” album? Are you people telling me that there is something better that I can actually hear or listen to? You people that could care about me? OK that’s alright by me. “Three of Us” is even better or could very be so*.

However, I dear you. You’ll all need to play it now… And I mean you need to play it out loud to me and you need to play it to little me right (tears or any another display of emotion, no not even the 1000th time will be accepted. I agree that it’s not “normal” and since it is not even predicictable, it is even less acceptable. Hey, “We” really don’t fancy it either…) NOW!

* I never said… “Photek”, “Source Direct”, “Doc Scott” or “J. Majic”? Right? I did not definetly, I surely did not say “Photek”, right?

If You Have Ever Wondered…

January 15th, 2017 Comments off

What is the big deal? Why should I (self-proclaimed master of the Universe) be concerned?

Why should I be involved or take part in an obscure musical genre that happened to become global? Well, I will tell you. This and this reason alone is sufficient. The breaks.

Once again it is the mighty Seba. “Stasis” on SecOps025 that is that exact reason. The digital creative force that is actually moving our planet forward.

The individual artists/persons contributing to all and everybody, they are being robbed and looted everyday? Yet, they still contribute to us all and do so every single day?

If they did not do that we would all be stuck with “Så ska det låta”, “Gladiatorerna” or really scary clowns imaginary or not?

Including the prospect that one of them (a clown, who started out with a million dollars), will actually become the president of an entire nation? A clown equipped with nuclear weapons? That does not sound like a great idea to me… but, then again what do I know?

This is my hommage to my heroes, the true heroes: all artists, writers, painters, designers, inventors and creators of the World!

Please never give up? I humbly salute all of thee!