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SecOps? You think? Yes!

March 4th, 2017

”Stasis” by Seba? Did I not just recently write something about this very track? Secret Operations is well over 20 years old (that is half my life)? Coincidence? Maybe.

Do you really want to know something about the ”mindset” and the ways of thinking of a fanatic? No?

OK. Firstly, it does not have anything to do with either the frightful or the destructive. It is clear (to me) that it is far from being exclusively something for the ”religious”. It would rather seem to depend on what actually constitutes the “subject”?

Secondly (I did write firslty?) is ”religion” simply blind faith? Or is it mandatory that religion has rules that are stated in a book (blind faith is something else, at least I do condtend that is the case and I do so regarding it as an actual fact.)?

There are so many books in the World… and music? It could be blind faith in the end? 25 years or more, so is that “religion” or is it not?

I dedicate the “logo” to: “Trånkan”. You know what I mean.
I dedicate the track “Angry Woman” (Klute) to: CPH. Damn.
I deidcate the track “Autorama” (also Klute) to: all fanatics. No further comment.
I deidcate my life to: Jr. Mm, it’s meant litterally. My life (and for those who know… RR and the shining star).
I dedicate it to all the lost. The young and old.

And finally Klute’s finishing track? “Phone Call” from the “Fear of People” album? Are you people telling me that there is something better that I can actually hear or listen to? You people that could care about me? OK that’s alright by me. “Three of Us” is even better or could very be so*.

However, I dear you. You’ll all need to play it now… And I mean you need to play it out loud to me and you need to play it to little me right (tears or any another display of emotion, no not even the 1000th time will be accepted. I agree that it’s not “normal” and since it is not even predicictable, it is even less acceptable. Hey, “We” really don’t fancy it either…) NOW!

* I never said… “Photek”, “Source Direct”, “Doc Scott” or “J. Majic”? Right? I did not definetly, I surely did not say “Photek”, right?

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