, Randomicon [FlatMate Music – FLT002, 2011]

Largely based around self-manufactured modular synthesizers the fourth album release sees the light of day or is it the darker inner workings of an ancient machine? Minimal, experimental in nature and decidedly techno ‘Randomicon’ is the second release on newly started Barcelona based FlatMate Music label. In the spirit of randomness (which is supposedly… Continue reading, Randomicon [FlatMate Music – FLT002, 2011], s/t [Mousike Lab – MSKCD02, 2004]

“s/t” is coming from the deep south of Italy, Europe Naples based Mousike Lab’s second full-length album release features in form. As to the album name could it possibly be an abbreviation of “Senza Titolo” means “Untitled”? The first track on “s/t” is titled “Aaghee” and it has an excellent intro and dramatic yet… Continue reading, s/t [Mousike Lab – MSKCD02, 2004]