Ether, Intimo Personelles [Mousike Lab – MSKCD06, 2006]

Despite of the catalogue number this is the soon to be fifth release (APR 2006) on Mousike Lab, MSKCD05 seems to be on hold at the moment. A through and trough enjoyable electronic experience and it would have been a thoroughly excellent one, if the vocal (experiments) would never have left the studio confinement. Sure… Continue reading Ether, Intimo Personelles [Mousike Lab – MSKCD06, 2006], s/t [Mousike Lab – MSKCD02, 2004]

“s/t” is coming from the deep south of Italy, Europe Naples based Mousike Lab’s second full-length album release features in form. As to the album name could it possibly be an abbreviation of “Senza Titolo” means “Untitled”? The first track on “s/t” is titled “Aaghee” and it has an excellent intro and dramatic yet… Continue reading, s/t [Mousike Lab – MSKCD02, 2004]

Resina, Opinio Omnium [Mousike Lab – MSKCD01, 2003]

This eight track mini-album is an interesting first release from this newly started Italian label called Mousike Lab. They’re based in the South Italian city of Naples and they are part of Avatar 41° – an electronic music and arts collective. The opening track “Muschià” is a beautiful composition starting off with amplitude of atmosphere… Continue reading Resina, Opinio Omnium [Mousike Lab – MSKCD01, 2003]