, s/t [Mousike Lab – MSKCD02, 2004]

retina_s_t“s/t” is coming from the deep south of Italy, Europe Naples based Mousike Lab’s second full-length album release features in form. As to the album name could it possibly be an abbreviation of “Senza Titolo” means “Untitled”? The first track on “s/t” is titled “Aaghee” and it has an excellent intro and dramatic yet controlled build-up. Centred on an industrial strength melody creating an indestructible sonic structure. Ingenious in its simplicity, that track is not only out of this World it’s also an item that warrants instant reply. The first track sets the standard high as well as the expectations on the rest of the album and it doesn’t leave you disappointed.’s 10 minimal and well-crafted songs carry through the entirety of the album, it’s heavily loop-based music with hypnotic characteristics like the percussion-filled “Sambush”, the quirky sounding “Zafari” or the bass-heavy “Papc”. The sweet-sounding melody of the “Comamilla” track breaks the before mentioned triplet in a beautiful way. “Om nama rtnt” follows and adds a bit of mysticism with the vocals and India inspired sounds. “Risveglia” and “12set” return the album to the harder sounding starting point. And the last track on the album “China @ house” glitches the “s/t” album to a quiet stop. In short this is a very good album, it comes recommended and with the special recommendation not to miss out on “Aaghee”.