Various Artists, Condominium [Mousikelab – MSKCD03, 2004]

condminium“Condominium” is another fine release by Mousike Lab the third to be exact and they’re going from strength to strength in the midst of defining their own sound. “Condominium” is a 15-track compilation featuring as many artists. Among them you’ll find Resina and both who previously have released albums on Mousike Lab as well as being reviewed here at ED. The remaining contributors are well-known and less well-known artists, such as: Mitek’s Claudia Bonarelli, DJ Vadim, Mùm and Frame. There’s a lot of variation and high-quality productions included on this compilation. It’s filled with delightful tracks like Ether’s beats-filled “Contra”, Populous’ excellent and dreamesque “The Green Guitar”, Tadd Mullinix superb, nervous and slightly intimidating cut-up “Shaven Glass”,’s take on hip-hop and Frames’ gentle bass giant “From Y To Z” or why not Claudia B’s bassy and playful “Tips for Restless Youth”, Slickers’ solid and acidee “Lenticchie”. The list goes on and FM3’s Bitzen drones out the compilation counting in as track number 15. Mousike Lab has an interesting roster to say the least and “Condominium” is the definite proof of exactly that.