Ether, Intimo Personelles [Mousike Lab – MSKCD06, 2006]

mskcd06_ether_78dpiDespite of the catalogue number this is the soon to be fifth release (APR 2006) on Mousike Lab, MSKCD05 seems to be on hold at the moment. A through and trough enjoyable electronic experience and it would have been a thoroughly excellent one, if the vocal (experiments) would never have left the studio confinement. Sure they’re not entirely out-of-place in the hip-hop setting that many of the tracks are in, but they’re not contributing and a sensitive pair of ears may very well object to: phrasing, pronunciation and lyrical content. That aside, the musical landscape is interesting to say the least, swerving in the middle land of complex electronics and electrified hip-hop beats. The high-points are reached in track nine and track eleven: top-quality electronic music signed 2006 and Napoli. In short this is a good album and if you like electronic music and don’t mind a hip-hop beat or two you should get it immediately!