Cheju, Partition [October Man Recordings – OCTOBER MAN 11, 2006]

cheju_partition“Partition” shows Cheju in form on October Man Recordings. It is a five track EP filled with strong melodies and the hinted melancholy that one is used to hear from Cheju. The “Partition” EP has some similarities to his recent Static Caravan release “A Rainy Mile” with guitars embedded in the production. The quality is as high as ever, for example the crispness, static and excellent beats of “Sundid”, the wall of sound in “Outdubstarn” or the hard to resist melody of “Casiotonic”. Cheju continues developing his take on electronic music and successfully incorporates new elements, while remaining true to his own unique sound, lovely stuff. The fifth and last track is “Outdubstarn (Mint’s Octane Remix)” as the title suggests a remix by Boltfish’s very own Mint. His remix sets a different mood and could very well have been included on the soundtrack of Carpenter’s Escape from New York if it had been around at the time. And finally my compliments to OMR for the highly enjoyable artwork and bright orange disc!