More Words II

“…those who experienced the future-rush euphoria of rave as their birthright, never dreaming that it could burn out like fried synapses;” Savage Messiah is written for those who could not be regenerated. They are the unregenerated, a lost generation, ‘always yearning for the time that just eluded us’: those who where born too late for… Continue reading More Words II

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Folkhemmet Folkhemmet, the Swedish Welfare State, is a term used by social democratic politician Per Albin Hansson to describe an equal society without class differences, characterised by mutual understanding. In Folkhemmet’s Sweden, everyone was entitled to decent housing. The era of Folkhemmet was roughly between 1930 and 1965. The housing situation in Sweden in the… Continue reading Remember?

Nevermind The Chatty Chat, This Is Still Drum’n’Bass

If you would happen to be in any way interested in what in the name of Gaia keeps an old man rambling on about the good old days of drum’n’bass? There’s an outstanding Metalheadz’ mix (selection wise that is, because two decades of wishing MC:s to just stop making vocal noises hasn’t ended I’m afraid)… Continue reading Nevermind The Chatty Chat, This Is Still Drum’n’Bass